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I have not had any plug fouling issues on my 2019 with that mapping when starting it to change oil or starting it up after a wash and letting it idle. Might be a dumb detail to consider; but I start it with the choke/ enrichener and let it idle for 30 ... more »

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Benny Bloss lol. Everytime i'd see him ride, I couldn't help but think of Zdeno Chara. In all seriousness, my pick is Jason Anderson.

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We're all leaving this at 33 upvotes on purpose right? I want to upvote, but I just can't.
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Man I have such a soft spot for RMZs. This looks like a fantastic build. I am wondering about your Rekluse and how you mentioned you had to adjust the free play gain again. Did you do the initial break in that Rekluse recommends- revs in neutral, 1st ... more »

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Very much appreciate the advice, guys. Based on this, and from my memory last season, my bike is too harsh and firm for my speed. I don't think I regularly come close to using the full stroke, and breaking/ accelerating bumps were super harsh. This coming ... more »

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I have some very general and probably stupid questions that I am hoping some experienced folks can help provide some input on. When tuning suspension for someone who is not fast- what are you trying to achieve? (Is it the same as tuning for a very fast ... more »

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RIP Kames. Beautiful bike though!

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I have no speculation or anything of value to add other than your post reminded me of this picture I took in 2014 Morgantown of the hotel parking lot that I was staying at for the Highpoint race. It's funny to think how far some of these riders have

... more »
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I absolutely fucking loved my 2013 RMZ 250. Have fun on your new bike, dude. And be sure to stop back here with a picture or two when you get it.

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How much for kdubs blue jeans that hes ripping laps in? What a g.

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What brand cam chain do you buy?

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I've done something a little goofy. Still undecided on graphics.

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I absolutely love my SG-12s. I also liked my Alpinestars but decided to switch it up last season and have been extremely pleased with with the Gaernes. Both companies make a great boot when you are buying their top of the line product.

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This is just over a 2 hour one way trip for me. I'll have to cut out of work early one day and come check it out. Thanks for the heads up! Looks awesome.

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If you flew into Columbus from the east side, it very well could have been this track. I haven't seen the track in person yet, but it doesn't look very supercrossy to me.

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This is the only photo I have of my little guy when we brought home our new bikes this year. I'm not gonna lie, I find myself wanting more space sometimes, but realistically this truck does everything I need it to do. It's a full load with two bikes,

... more »
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I didn't see anything mentioned about a clutch. You're sure it's not a worn clutch? Is the bike revving and power isn't being delivered?

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So awesome! Can't wait to see the final bits come together. Great work.

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As innocently and non threateningly as I can ask- why is everyone all over these tires? Can someone explain to me like i'm a toddler? Is it because they are made in America? Is it the company's heritage? Are they super light? Good grip? Are these tires ... more »

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I wanted to put this information out on the wide web in case anyone else runs into the same issue I did. I got a 2019 YZ250F this year and my personal phone is a Google Pixel 3. I am running Android 9 on this device. I began trying to connect my bike ... more »

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