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New thread X Games at Slayground 6/29/2021 9:42 AM

X Games returns to San Diego for first time in more than a decade Moto X events will be hosted at the Slayground, a massive Ramona property with dirt jumps, wallrides, steep turns, and quarterpipes owned by seven-time X Games medalist Axell Hodges. Skateboarding and some BMX events will be set at the CA Training ... more »

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New thread Is it a sin to covet thy neighbor's track? 6/10/2020 2:48 PM

I noticed Bing had recently updated the aerial maps of my neighborhood and while browsing around my town found this; if you're on here just know it looks awesome and I'm incredibly jealous!

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New thread NBC Sports / NBC Sports Gold on Roku? 1/8/2019 2:31 PM

Is anyone else using the NBC Sports or NBC Sports Gold app on Roku to watch Supercross/Motocross? I'm unable to pause or rewind during the live broadcast, which is incredibly annoying. I've either got to watch 100% live or wait until the whole thing's ... more »

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New thread Motocross track for sale in San Diego 7/16/2018 3:35 PM

Once upon a time this was the CALVMX track, but more recently I've heard it referred to as the Jamul/Otay Lakes track. Sadly I'm skeptical the new owners will want to ... more »

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New thread Replacement pants buckle? 2/14/2018 7:13 PM

Pulled a Tomac a week and a half ago and broke the receiver end of the buckle on my '17 TLD Liberty LE pants. I've contacted Troy Lee Designs and they've said I'm pretty much SOL for a replacement, does anyone know where to find a suitable replacement? ... more »

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New thread Mobius has great customer support! 1/31/2018 8:49 AM

Last weekend when I got done riding I noticed the screw holding the extension stop of my X8 brace had backed out, causing both the screw and stop to wind up MIA. I contacted Mobius to see about getting a replacement part and was pleasantly surprised ... more »

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New thread Poor Phil 1/6/2018 9:20 PM

Guy just can't catch a break.

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