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Most people don't seem to have a problem but in just a few hours on my bike I am absolutely destroying the plastics right there. Have not found a good solution yet that doesn't cost a lot of $$$. Afraid to just cut them off as I don't have the FMF guard ... more »

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And I did enjoy your shootout this year. But would still take a helmet shootout over a bike shootout at this point. Amazing how hard it is to get real info on helmets. For example are any of the TLD Helmets better then the $189 Leatt? I would love to ... more »

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We get yet another 450 shootout with a bunch of bikes that are the same as last years but cant get a helmet shootout with actual test and rankings. I would have much rather seen a helmet shootout.

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I use the Leatt Dual Axis. Work great but you need to wear something under them the same as a knee brace. Knee brace socks or sleeves. I use the O'Neal Knee Brace socks. If they are on bare skin they will tear you up.

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The 110cc minibikes make great trail bikes for kids but also great pit bikes for adults. Great power for the size and insanely durable. For the past year + they have been selling before dealers can even get them in. This has resulted in used bike prices ... more »

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I believe exhaust port changed in '19

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I believe it takes 47mph to clear Larocco's Leap at RedBud.?

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Whole Family is running O'Neal gear. My 6 year old is hard on gear and has had no issues with his stuff and a lot of it is hand me downs from my 10 year old. I have the 5 series Helmet and love it. I ran Scott and 100% goggles until I had to borrow my ... more »

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Kind of surprises me there is not a class for the 110's at AMA sanctioned races. Adults can race them and send them over jumps in some gnarly pit bike races (Summit This weekend?) but if you try to talk about letting kids race them the typical response ... more »

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Having never ridden a 150SX I have been very curious how well they would stack up against an older 250 2 Stroke. Lets say late 90's bikes? Has technology advanced enough to make up for the 100cc difference?

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Qualifies easily.. As far as results go its hard to say, he may just go out there and have fun and show boat a bit and hang up the mx boots immediately after.

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Ohh boy.. 1) 1983 Yamaha TriZinger 2) 1985 Suzuki DS80 3) 1985 Honda CR250 4) 2008 Honda CRF450r 5) 2014 Yamaha TTR 110 6) 2014 Kawasaki KLX 110 7) 2016 Cobra 50 P3 8) 2017 Cobra 50 JR 9) 2018 Yamaha PW 50 10) 2018 KTM 50 SX

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I wonder how much the equipment used today to maintain the tracks differs from 20 years ago? Bigger Dozers and bigger tractors, ect..

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The amazing thing with cobra is you can actually call the factory direct and get support. (517) 437-9100 You can also use their Dealer locator and one of their dealers would be happy to help as well.

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Very Sad

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Just picked up a 2001 KX125. Never rode a 125. I went from an 80 straight to an '85 CR250 at 12 years old. At 16 I got a '95 YZ250 (man that was an easy bike to ride) and then finally go a '07 KX450. Not sure how the small bike will work for me but excited

... more »
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JGR keeps Reed as SX only or in an non-racing position with Peick and Wilson as the 450 riders. Could Wilson help them land Rockstar as a sponsor? Monster sponsors two different brands\teams.

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I would say it depends. If the kid can touch with their toes good enough to not fall over sitting still then get the training wheels off. There is a place for them but many people leave them on way to long. I generally say no because if keeping them ... more »

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At your size and level I would head down to Championship Powersports and pick up one of the '18 YZ450's they have on sale. From everything I have read its supposed to be a great big for bigger guys.

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I was thinking this Saturday night, Show us the damn starting gate so we know when the race is going to start instead of showing us nothing and switching to the gate 3 seconds before it drops.