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Mine and my Sons was 06 St. Louis. My son was in the KJSC. We both remember it like yesterday. Josh Hansen was the coolest guy to my kids and some guy named Ricky was the biggest snob to my kids. We also had the pleasure of going up in the Arch while ... more »

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My son turned down a new yz and a new kx after riding them to stay on his 3 yr old ktm 85sx. He said it was easier to ride fast and he felt safer.

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Can u slow down a cobra 50

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Guy Cooper at Alan Ranch 85-86ish

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I had a set of those honeycomb mags when I was a kid. I think I traded them for a set of skyways

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Dude has some serious problems.

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My boy hates anyone telling him how to ride. Its almost funny. Hes smooth and safe doing it his way so its all good with me.

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The only NEW dirtbike Ive bought myself (exlcuding mini bikes) was an 08 crf250 after Trey won the supercross title. I now ride a used 08 yz450

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Didnt he smash his face up a while back while jumping a triple or something supercross like ?

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My street toy. 04 RC51

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I was always there with my cousin during that same time Jay. While he was racing I would be in the back field by the ponds riding an IT175 around. I remember Coop being there a couple times with a Van full of bikes.

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My son is riding a 105sx and now also a yz125. My 450 is for sale so I can get another yz250 . The two strokes are just more fun for play riding and practice days without having to worry so much.

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We got it to level 50 pretty fast. Now me and my son just race each other. We dont get online with it though so not much else we can do.

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Hansen gutted out a decent finish with a waffled up hand. I have two good hands and cant hang on.

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I had an 07 klr and it was good on road, sucked off road. I now ride a drz400sm. with a few mods its very fun on the street. But between the klr and the honda.......... Id probably go with the honda

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Is this 85 cr125 worth having for 200 ?

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In 2006, the one and only supercross we have been to my son was in the ktm junior sx thing. Josh stopped and talked to my kids on his way to the ktm pit. Still carrying his luggage he was super cool and took the time. He is the one guy they remember ... more »

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Ive been fasinated with dirt bikes since I saw a race on ABC wide world of sports around 1980 or so. I still am today.

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Wasnt it J-bone that said if you dont want to get hit you shouldnt be on the track ?

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I been watching 05 sx tapes the last few days, good stuff