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Maybe he's racing because he wants to? Maybe, if he's not fast enough to be there, some of the younger crowd should beat him in the qualifiers? Winning a main, probably not. Making the main, which is better than a lot of really fast guys can do, definitely! ... more »

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There was clearly contact, but that's racing. It could be simply Eli's way of getting his head right and getting back to just riding like he know how to. Time will tell.

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'03 YZ125/167 with '08 250F forks and shock. This combination works really well.

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Like E-man says, do it! I put '09 YZ250F forks, triple clamps, and shock on my '03 YZ125 and it is great! I'm not sure on the brakes or front wheel fitment, I swapped everything.

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I can't even comprehend what's going on there. Is that a hill climb?

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Unless I'm wrong, and I could be, the racing was close in '11 until Unadilla, when Villo got off of the 2011 chassis that didn't turn, and got on the '12 chassis. I think he's been killing it ever since.

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I think it was stated earlier, and I can't believe everyone has forgotten already. Never, never, NEVER bet against RC. (By the way, RV is my favorite rider.) And it was almost laughable the rate at which RV pulled on James. I wouldn't have thought that ... more »

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I guess they should have been complimenting each other on how great their commentating skills are, and thanking their sponsors, then,

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1. Windham 2. Stewart 3. Bayle 4. Johnson 5. Cooper

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I'm sorry internet tough guy, I wasn't directing that at you personally, I was just playing along with the thread title. Next time I'll ask you what I should submit.

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Ryan "3 time SX Champ" Villopoto sounds about right.

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2003 YZ125

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He doesn't seem to be as good at getting to the first turn as he does getting through the first turn. The top guys seem to be good at that.

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It looked clean to me, but it wasn't the best camera angle. Didn't look like Barcia's fault though.

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Dungy was on it last night, and he won't get tired late in the race. Outdoors is going to be great!

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Jeremy looked great! It was nice to see a Yamaha up there in the 250 class too.

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Ya, the Honda show would be much better.................

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My buddy Fowler missed making the night show by .003, I hope he kicked his bike off the stand!

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It looked like after he jumped off the side of the track, that things started to fall apart for him.

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Classic Rup!!!