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Definitely Moto, but the few speedway Supercross races were a step in the right direction. The bigger tracks and longer lap times were a welcome addition.

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Is there any truth to this? Seems kinda sudden doesn't it?

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Webb won't be popular with the fans till he goes to the MXON and helps team USA win. (like Carmicheal) If it was anyone other than Roczen that he makes look bad at the end of races, I think more people would be fans.

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I'm a huge Tomac fan, and I'm glad he got the win, but I'm definitely bummed for Sexton. That was an awesome ride by him! It would have been an interesting last lap for sure! Awesome interview by him after too. Lots of class.

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Couldn't aggree more!!

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Funny you should post this. I have a '20 450sxf in my garage with 30hrs that has the same issue....

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Any chance that his line selection in the heat race was just him looking for different lines for late in the main?

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That would be great! I work for a Yamaha dealer, but I think the industry is better with all the manufacturers having good machines out there. Honestly, I'm just rooting for them.

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I'm a huge Tomac fan, but he can't buy a start. Unless something crazy happens in Tomacs favor, my money is on Webb! And I'm ok with that.

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They probably will sell more Hyabusa's, but that's not what I'm watching supercross for.

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Because I would rather see dirtbike commercials than street bike commercials? Sorry for ruining your evening........

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Wouldn't it be great if Suzuki would just do a couple cool things to their RM line up, like just enough cool updates to them, that we could actually watch commercials featuring their really great, updated, motocross bikes, instead of seing the Hyabusa ... more »

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If ANYONE besides Roczen was in that spot, no one would have even noticed. (Unless it was Barcia, then everyone would have been praising the move)......

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What a candyass response by Roczen

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I did this for a couple of years. It went well. Regular maintenance can be done at the customers home. Anything larger (engine rebuilds, fork or shock service) the bike gets taken back to the shop.

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It seems that every time he looks like he's going to go on one of those crazy Tomac rides, something happens. He's losing the front end fairly often when he starts to push the way he has in the past.

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Eli has consistently been the fastest guy for a long time. No, he hasn't won all the championships, for various reasons, but no one can deny his outright speed! If he's not currently the fastest guy, so what. It doesn't mean he's done, it doesn't mean ... more »

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Ken--- I was riding super great, then lappers and super technical slippery track, blah, blah, blah. Marv-- I don't know, something 10 minutes long saying something about something something, I didn't win Barcia-- I'm super pumped to be on the Gas Gas ... more »

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I can't remember, what were everyone's reactions a few races back with the incident between Christian and Jett? Lol Imagine the crying on here if Christian actually looked over his shoulder at Jett while he slid through the corner, instead of it being ... more »

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YZ250F. Vortex ignition with Twisted settings, 270 cylinder, springs for your weight. Plenty of bike, more money in your pocket.