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I've got about 6ish acres of public land basically across the road from my house. Nobody else rides it, as most people out here are on quads and couldn't even get their bikes in to the trails (My entry point is kept as hidden as possible and the trees ... more »

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Looks like there are clips holding at least some of the tools in place. I'd love to build a little set up like that as well.

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I spend half of my saturday/sunday nights working with a small time crew filming for our short track racing on the east coast. We have a glitch here and there, we don't have great equipment etc but we still manage to catch more of the action than these ... more »

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Every round there have been issues.

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Would be nice if they removed that stupid technical issues bubble at the bottom 1/4 of the screen... Absolute junk in every round for the broadcast.

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Offroad. After riding nothing but motocross, I was pretty fed up with the crazy money we spend to race. I gave off road a go, and it is a blast, especially with the right people. I'll go out for a ride day, and by the time I've drained my big tank, I'm ... more »

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I've got a few acres of public bush near my house that nobody touches, I've been building trail in there the last few years. I too made it too tight at first, but seem to have figured out how tight is too tight. It is a lot of work, because I have a ... more »

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Gonna say it's BS. The Taliban aren't complete amateurs, they have been doing this a long time... There is no way they shot the father and didn't at least take his rifle... Chances of them just killing the parents and leaving is pretty low too, they ... more »

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Saw that video too a couple days after it happened. What a messed up story.

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Digging the 5th gen hood vent myself, matches the curve of the front of the car. On my lesser exciting project, just ordered up a TSP 228/232 dual spring package for my LS1. Neighbours say they don't care about the noise that comes from my garage but ... more »

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This is amazing. I work in the metal/structures trade on aircraft (Im lucky in that I get to do a bit of everything, composites, machining, painting, sheet metal etc) and jealous of your skills! Had no idea the vettes had that wood composite floor.

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My 87 T/A. Did an ls1/t56 swap, c5 brakes. Custom gauges and a bunch of interior work. Just finished a 2500watt 5 channel audio set up (gotta keep that hair metal cranked... and to drown out the sqeaks and rattles of this fine 80s gm engineering. It

... more »
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I built a trailer similar to the first picture. Was just tall enough to clear the bars, had a small work bench up front with tool/parts storage and the roof hinged up in the same manner, large enough for 2 bikes. It didn't leak. It pulled great behind ... more »

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You're likely right. It isnt "easy" to be one of the fastest in any class, even in the cheap classes there are good drivers, but it always felt too calm on asphalt. With the car set up right it was just hitting marks and smooth is fast. On dirt with ... more »

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I got in to it this year, after destroying my knee racing a hare scramble in 2018 I decided I needed a cage as I've had too many ER trips. I found my local asphalt short track, and got a pit pass for the day, and crutched my way over to the 4cyl cars. ... more »

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My lab gets stressed, we watch them on the water in the duck boat... All he cares about is finding the ducks that must obviously be all over the place with all the blasts going off. It's a good idea, no matter what breed of dog you have, to start training ... more »

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Where do you live? If you're close to SDL or that general area, you're likely hearing the ch-146 Griffin. Dwyer Hill is where JTF2 is based out of and they would do lots of night training. Now that our Chinooks are operational you'll likely hear those ... more »

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Nobody is worried about these kids taking away their opportunities. Nobody is bashing this lady for teaching these kids skills. The entire problem with this segment is how at the center of it is a huge problem that is based on criminal activity that ... more »

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Just deal with it. I'm 5'7", I was like 5'2" riding an 87 cr125... You get used to it. Doesn't matter how tall a bike is, lowering the bike has never been something I would consider doing. You don't need to flat foot both or even one foot... It's tricky ... more »

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Similar to a lot of you guys. I started racing late (23-24 yrs old), after a few seasons, getting in to shape, attending moto camps/schools I was getting some speed, started to collect the plastic, and then the injuries started. I had 3 straight seasons ... more »