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Fresh Dirt first appeared as a single article on Whip It! in 1996/97 (edit: now that I think about it, it was probably 95. )when someone (EJ - shhh) whispered in my ear that Emig had signed with Kawasaki following years on Yamaha. It was simple headline ... more »

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In the real old days at our local tracks around here, the green flag was not at the finish line, but was positioned at a yellow flag position about a quarter lap in. That setup was pretty useful. I remember pulling the biggest holeshot in my life. 180 ... more »

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I guess the KTM 50 Future Stars better all make it to the show or someone is going to be pissed.

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Big air boost from the nose wheelie. Took me about 10,000 attempts.

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The biggest myth is that EVs are 'emissionless'. As a Honda engineer put it so eloquently (in a video I believe was linked to a post here on Vital) . Paraphrasing "People think EVs are emissionless because they don't have an exhaust pipe. The fact is ... more »

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Hey. Look on the bright side. They didn't mention Anderson's untucked jersey once.

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She's a pretty successful residential real estate agent here in town.

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Gibby, you have my permission to vaporize everything but the OP and this post.

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Once a day is all we ask

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It will be fine right up until the moment the joint misaligns at the same time his rear wheel hits a whoop. And then it's the most insane pain like you wouldn't believe. Been there, done that.

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Alexei Nasonov has a lot of Soviet history posted in his FB timeline. May have to friend him to see it. Don't know what all is public.

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Probably better than the industry going "Who?".

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Yes. Where?

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He admitted his f up. He rode great otherwise. That's his takeaway.

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Me and one other kid. When I got to SMU, myself and Jim Whitten were absolutely the only frat boys in the whole school getting dirty every weekend.

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One of the best handling, best suspended tiddlers I ever rode.

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Swan. Stamp it.

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Everyone is different. I was back to riding 4 months after surgery.

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Where do you think the term "Vitard" came from?