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Don't often donate but feel absolutely gutted for this kid Hope you make a full recovery Brian
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No help from the good lord for Cooper at Glendale this weekend. He does work in mysterious ways...

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Times are changing. People are more important than bloody flags.

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Shame god didn't have it in his plan for this guy to be a dirtbike champion

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4arm strong bro for sure

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Thought this might make an interesting poll. Personally I have done both previously.

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Slide out of the gate on the mud, goggles get filled in and clutch disintegrates. Sounds like a real representation of supercross to me. To make is this interesting why don't we water the tracks to this extent on purpose then? If it's SO hardcore racing. ... more »

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Apologies for the 10th thread on this, but jesus christ, why was this event even run? Unfortunate that this could affect someones championship.

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Tony Alessi

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It has enabled my 60 year old father and I to going riding together for the first time in years. It seems to help his MX riding skills (balance, grip) and the fresh air does him well. I would recommend buying something with Shimano or Specialized motor. ... more »

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You are a brave man posting that without permission.

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As much as I like to declare the European riders as the best in the world, I don't think comparing outdoor sand riding abilities is fair. The USA season is simply too long. Whilst the Europeans take a few months off to enjoy themselves and prepare for ... more »

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Zero issues, just pay with CC and you're fine

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My father and I picked up a 2018 KTM 250 and he immediately orders a 300 kit to make it more "tractor like" as we're coming off racing 450's. The bike was barely ran in before the 300 kit was installed and, whilst I've been pretty happy with the bike, ... more »

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Too many rounds. I lose interest by round 48 (feels like 48 anyway). MX is far more interesting. Hate how circus-cross demolishes a third of the field each year.