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When I bought my bike we couldn't get it to show up on my phone. They took it in the back and realized it never got connected during assembly. Plugged it in and then worked fine. I'm guessing something disconnected inside the bike on yours

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I saw a cannondale do that at a 4stroke national. I've never seen a team hide a bike so fast In my life. Got it straight into the box van and closed the door

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Yeah the broadcast is dumb. He should just be Hill and in the rare event of josh racing just make him be Jo Hill

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Exactly, People only remember what's convenient to their post. He was in top 5 when he crashed at washougal too

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How many of you said the exact things about cooper Webb last year?

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I run shell super that's probably full of ethanol, is my bike going to grenade? There's a 76 across town that sells clean clear gas but it's a pain in the ass to get over there

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Always did whatever the hell he felt like. No changing that. Wallride in the local track over under tunnel. Cliff Self photos

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I Drop mine in the grass. When I was on 80s I picked up a new tld helmet i'd saved for on the way to arenacross and went over the bars first practice. I'm real superstitious, it's dumb and I know it. I also won't talk about injuries or big crashes while ... more »

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Whoever scheduled the Seattle round for this early in the year is an idiot. Most likely going to be miserable for the people going, I usually freeze my balls off during the night show and that's when the race was held toward the end of April.

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I'd love that if it's true but I don't get the comment. Seattle really isn't even close to washougal it's several hours drive away

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Logged in just to say that article is trash. The track was fine, people crash and have injuries at every round

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I'm no supercross rider but it's honestly the best bike I've ever ridden. Just saying

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I agree with you he's a great speaker and he would have my vote for commentating. However I think he might be too serious for a modern TV personality. Ralph and Ricky are very cheesy and play up the show to seem like things are more exciting. I can't ... more »

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What color power bands are available with these plastics

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Sounds like the exact same thing for transworld skate and transworld bmx also

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The dude that's running it is now wearing fox gear so I'd say it's dead

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The 18/19 are night and day different than the previous gens. The new chassis is a lot more balanced and nimbler. My 14 was a great bike but would do odd things at speed and I had a lot of dumb crashes on it.

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Don't get any on the seat lol

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I can read it fine but it still looks like shit

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I love mine so far. The App is super cool, The suspension is unreal and the biggest thing I noticed is how level and stable the bike stays while braking/acceleration, where the previous gen always felt light in the front or the rear but never settled ... more »