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Hey REASZN I’m cool with the prices. I just wanted to ask if you guys would consider making the hidden tracks at nationals actually raceable? The budds sx, unadilla secret track, martins track all would be so fun to race online. Just a thought figured ... more »

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1996 washougal on my 5th birthday. I gave Doug Henry #15 on Yamaha a thumbs up every lap so a couple weeks later when I got my PW50 it was tricked out with a number 15. I kept that number and later changed it to 115 I’ve been every yeah since. This summer ... more »

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The scrubbing is way more functional since the update. With the tuning I run the game is starting to “flow” similar to how reflex felt

... more »
SATXMX left a comment 5/10/2020 9:17 PM

Hello WheelieNelson, do you still have the MXS figures for sale? Might you list them soon?

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11 - 1 moto scores. Finds his groove toward the end of moto 1. Makes bike changes for moto 2 no one else thinks of. Holeshot. Peace out

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Thanks for the interest guys. I’m not looking to sell them in a lot sorry that’s no fun. They will be listed individually some auction, some buy it now. I honestly don’t want to sell them I’d like to keep them in my office (I may keep a couple don’t ... more »

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selling a bunch on eBay this month I gotta get them from my parents place still. I’ll keep you guys posted
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I even run my own graphics co and I’ll admit this guy is the best at retro designs. He kills it

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Maybe he just wants to be healthy again My guess is someone called him fat to his face or online somewhere and he got upset and got to work. Anyone else remember how Ricky showed up the weekends after occasionally getting beat? Pissed off was a understatement. ... more »

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Ralph. Good lord this Dude does not do a good job and the last couple rounds His voice was making me struggle to get through the entire race which pissed me off as the racing was so good this year. Calling the race a lap early twice in one night, talking ... more »

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Also curious. After he left fox Didn’t he use the lower model bells for some reason for a few years because he didn’t like the current lid they had? My memory could be bad. If so were his a one off with custom internals? Can’t imagine they’d keep letting ... more »

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I would replace Ralph with weege for sx if it were up to me

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This makes me feel a little less disappointed this weekend

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Did you even read your original reply to me. “Maybe your friends have fragile heads” after stating what I’ve seen in tld’s Then you said you’ve worn everything from m2r to shoei and been fine but have seen others break so my observation must be a coincidence. ... more »

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buy the tld bro “it’s already in your cart” seems like your mind is made up. No helmet is 100% safe but if you honestly think they are all equal you might as well order the cheapest you can find buddy lmao

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If I was only a tv viewer I would prob argue and say the pace is faster now, BUT I was there that day at washougal when Ricky and James battled and I’ve never seen anyone go that fast before or after that In my 24 years of spectating that race. They ... more »

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Black backgrounds on a 450? Or does he have 2 bikes?

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I’ve seen 3 friends get knocked out in tld Helmets of various price range during pretty mild crashes. I knocked myself out in the last shoei but it was a pretty catastrophic deal hitting false neutral on a jump. Replaced it with the newer shoei evo. ... more »

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I’m thinking of offering full custom graphics for $180 (10% off). This is the perfect time to freshen up bikes. I don’t have a website quite yet but check out my ig and shoot me a dm if you’re interested @revive.print

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