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I get that now but 10 to 15 years ago the “race bike” was more of a Honda Civic than a Ferrari, it’s not like they’ve been a prestigious manufacturer for that long

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I can understand the whole “race bikes only“ brand they’re building now that the bikes are legit. but it seems silly they don’t already have a xr/klx/ttr competitor especially since they invest in off-road so much. Maybe the price point wouldn’t make ... more »

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Or any dumb downed four strokes like the Japanese brands offer? Maybe they’re too serious for that and only make “race bikes” ? Seems like they’re missing a huge corner of the market of kids and beginners. A steel framed ktm 110 with upside down modern ... more »

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Need to give it more time but firstly you need to unlock all the parts and use a good bike tune. If you jump on a random bike or try to guess on the setup then guaranteed the physics are going to feel like dogshit. I think 99% of people online commenting ... more »

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Nice man what do you do for living these days? Pretty sure you used to post on ronron back in the day, I credit my start in graphic design to that forum making cool sigs with you and Trojan

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08 Honda 450 or 09 yzf 450. I had an 07 Honda and it was bullet proof but got headshake bad, they added a steering stabilizer in 08. The 09 crf was a slow ass stink bug, my 10 wasn’t much better that bike was junk

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Sidi crossfire 3’s with traditional sole for me. Feel just like sg12 but fit better in the toe box area. My gaerne’s always had too much gap height wise that my toes would float around in.

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That’s all part of the motovan high bro

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I’m not making predictions but He was freakin fast on his amateur 250fs that his dad was building, then he got on factory Yamaha for pros and his 250f was a pile of shit. I know that sounds crazy but it’s the truth that factory bike sucked. He’s looking ... more »

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I’ve ordered lots through there but I’m not a fan of them. The 05- 07 era rm 2stroke temp I bought had the wrong front fender shape from a 1999. Emailed them and got no response. I’ve also found a lot of their shapes to be pretty wonky at times. There’s ... more »

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... more »
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The srs sole version fit very narrow and tight. The ta sole version fit like normal similar to sg12’s Not to hijack the thread but I have some size 12.5 ta sole crossfire 3’s I’m trying to get rid of. Less than 4 hours on the boots they were just a size ... more »

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Idk why but raising my levers up to right under flat with the bars helped my elbows dramatically

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I think He needs a tall seat bad, I owned the previous gen Yamaha as well as the current one and I will tell you the old gen that he won 250s on was way more tall guy friendly

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I have optic nerve damage in one eye from hitting my head 13 years ago. It’s not gonna heal, once nerves are damaged they’re toast. His best bet is to look into stem cells but I don’t know if they’ve made much progress yet with all that

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troy didn't paint that. neither did anyone at his shop, that paint job looks like dog shit. either you or whoever you got it from was desperate for a cool guy redbull helmet so they busted out the masking tape and paint and then slapped troy stickers ... more »

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Dude is freaking railing the turns right now

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Owners ig is mitchy_k387 I’d just shoot him a message, I’m pretty sure they operate out of wa and he’s been on a trip in SoCal so that’s probably what’s up

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I’ve heard that before as well and when I tried on a friends he had the srs replaceable sole version (which are much smaller in the toe box) these are the traditional sole and they fit much closer to actual shoe size than the replaceable sole versions. ... more »