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Do you even know who Novitsky is? It's basically like a DEA agent going to work for the drug cartels. Novitsky is no dummy. And he can fool alot of people with terms way over their heads. But he's not fooling everyone. Try convincing a jury you were ... more »

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Masking agents dont hide everything, and most were just IVs and diuretics It's better to just take the right stuff so you can duck a test for a few. The best part of USADA coming into MX is the info will be emailed out. Merrell’s sanction was reduced ... more »

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You couldn't be more wrong or more uninformed First off, Novitsky is a company man. 2nd, so is Rogan 3rd, Picograms is a result of a too late test. Learn what half lives are. Because they cannot prove a recent use, they used the excuse to get the whole ... more »

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A lever action with a scope is as wrong as 4 strokes in motocross. It even looks wrong. A lever action is supposed to be resting on your shoulder(upside down) or in a scabbard while on your paint.

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Did he try a deegan style ghost ride? WTF happened there?

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If you take the western states, its rain at lower elevations and turns to ice then snow. Most use native sand/fine gravel. Ice isnt a big deal with that. I think most western states figured out ice melt doesn't really work and is far too expensive. Some ... more »

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OK. I should have said 3. I rest my case. Monday, December 2, 2019 MAHWAH, New Jersey (WABC) -- States of emergency were declared in New York as a winter storm battered the Tri-State area Monday with snow and freezing rain. Travel was treacherous, and ... more »

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MXA and Dirt Bike mags most always have some bad ass 2 strokes on the Covers. Not gonna lie, that's why I pick it up compared to something else. 99% of the world doesn't race motocross or even ride motocross tracks. They aren't stupid. They make a lot ... more »

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We have a bunch of Henry's. Reliable as the sun. I can't tell you what years are best because they dont fix what is not broken. Nothing wrong with the Winchester either that I've ever heard. Lever actions have a coolness factor about them.

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I find it hilarious that 2 inches of snow in the east is a natural disaster and state of emergency. California gets over 60 feet of snow and 10 plus feet at a time in some storms and their response is: How F'n awesone is this?

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All of the live flying is from the LLRs from Fallon, China Lake, Lemoore, to Star Wars. Every trailer I've seen is shit compared to real flying with real comms from enthusiasts that film out there Tues thru Thursdays. Their videos are actually much better, ... more »

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Under the new FIA 8860-2018 standard all helmets must withstand the following tests: - Standard impact: Helmet impact at 9.5m/s. Peak deceleration on 'driver's head' shall not exceed 275G. - Low velocity impact: Helmet impact at 6m/s. Peak deceleration ... more »

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I'll listen when Vincent is on. He comes ready to melt snowflakes. Joe, Hobo, and Vincent should just run the show.

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If you've ever listened to Ben Askrens podcasts they talk about drug use out in the open and foreigners paying guys to take a dive. One guy lost 2 matches and when asked how did he lose to guys nowhere near his level he said he's got a house and mouths ... more »

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Years back when parts were on microfiche, the local shop only hired the hottest chicks from the local college. They didn't know the difference between a stator and a spark plug. I was OK with that based on hotness as they would let you go find what you ... more »

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Most won't get the Dogger one.

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You hit a good time to cross the Sierras with it warm and raining below 5500. The week before it was snowing at 2100 and 5 feet of fresh snow above 6K and the freeway was closed for a while except to 4 WD, with chains too.

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Been going on since 1979 that I know of. They called it shaving speed or staying lower or similar. The above old school pic is bad ass.

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He's right. Look at radial tires invented over 100 years ago. What improvement was made in the first 50 years? Not much. What improvements have been made in the last 50 years? Not much. Same steel belts. Same nylon cords. Even the more premium brands ... more »

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The only problem with that is that the people doing the testing and hearings understand what half lives are. You obviously do not. For all anyone knows, it might have been off the chart hours earlier. That's why alot use stuff that is in and out in hours ... more »