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Yeah, It's raining enough I should try it for you. Yes, it does wrap around front of shroud and elastic over rear fender. It has straps to go under each peg as well as a strap that goes from one side to the other underneath the pegs. It's not form fitting ... more »

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Goat trail of a line

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NCMP in Henderson, N.C.

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It's not GPS, it's GET data systems. It has lights on it to tell his RPMs for the starts.

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Well, that's also where you run into your problem. Most shops aren't going to carry them. Cycle Gear used to keep EVS variants in stock but I'm not sure if they still do. Better chance to find people at the track and talk to them and most will let you ... more »

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I like keeping my body position forward on the take off and it keeps the bike a little more nose down. If something goes wrong on the face and I have a boner air and need a love tap, I pull the clutch in and tap it. All I'm saying is that it might be ... more »

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email or call them. also think they are doing a buy 2 tires get a set. if you can make it to a SX race this year, the Dunlop truck will give you a set for your email address.

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If you want more power out of a 250, buy a 450. Problem solved.

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450'S can only earn permanent numbers after earning them in 450 class. 250's defending champs get 1, others what they earn, after 450 pick permanent number. first year in 450 from moving up from 250 get 3 digit. Boom!!

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This is all fine and great....a new boot! But my question is has someone finally figured out that as the sole size goes up so should the height of the boot? Meaning that most guys buying 12 and larger boots are taller riders with longer legs.

If you take a size 9 boot and say a size 14...more

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I am a huge fan of lock on grips, I use ODI but gave the PT half waffle a try. They are really thin. It's not a bad thing for those who like the thinner feel, but it's just not for me. I used them for 3 ride hours and decided to take them off. I will probably try the pillow top lock on to see if there's a difference in density, but the last time I used pillow top, they were glued on and didn't last very long. Good on PT for moving forward with product changes. Like I said, I'm not knocking it, it just wasn't for me.

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I thin JS17 will be a 1 year deal to sink or swim, but AC will be there after PC.

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... more »

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Bikes are only going to go as fast as you turn the throttle. SX bikes have more R&D/$$$/Testing in them than the outdoor bike for the same pro team. I'm sure Joe Smuckatelly on a stock bike would have more fun on an outdoors track than indoors even ... more »

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Finished up new graphics on it. Put fender and plate from my 2013 450 and put 17 stuff on 450. Thanks for the help guys.
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I cheated, took fender and plate off my '13 to my '05. Ordered '17 for my '13. Doesn't matter I guess since the'll swap anyway. Thanks for the help with it.

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Awesome, thanks guys.

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Nice ride, I read thru it all your mods and don't think I saw what you had to change to get fender and plate to fit. You said you did a mod, was it just the triples? I'm pretty sure fenders will fit, but plate is usually too big. Any tips?