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Reply to Do SX riders get tested for weed? 4/23/2021 6:47 AM

Unfortunate coincidence, I know! 🤦🏻‍♂️ “Yo Xan, get your boy, dawg”

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Reply to What handlebar bend does GG/KTM/Husky use? 3/25/2021 8:28 AM

My favorite! I’ve just switched to the fatbar36, and highly recommend them, unless you are a crossbar dude

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Reply to Day in the dirt down south 3/15/2021 4:24 PM

Did I see there was a rare unicorn sighting there? (A certain #338)

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Reply to worst video you have seen this year 3/5/2021 11:19 AM

I’m sure you’re correct. I couldn’t honestly assess, though, because as soon as homeboy came rolling up on the hover board, I decided I had seen enough.

Reply to Georgia Tracks for a trip south? 3/3/2021 4:47 PM

Tracks in SE Georgia have popped up here and there through the years. Why they don’t have staying power, idk. One example was years ago, they built a track at the Oglethorpe Speedway. It lasted exactly ONE race, and was torn down. It was supposed to ... more »

Reply to Bike Buyer's Question About Registration, Sales Tax, and Insurance 3/2/2021 6:58 PM

I did the same the same thing. Lived in WA, bought bike cash in Oregon (Power). Insured it through Progressive. Few months later got that letter stating I owed them x amount for taxes. Found the loophole in their own bylaws, and hit them with that reverse ... more »

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Reply to Georgia Tracks for a trip south? 2/25/2021 7:50 PM

I sure did miss ICR

Several more awesome ones that don’t exist there anymore, too🤬
Reply to 2015 Honda crf450r issue while rebuilding top end. 2/19/2021 7:55 AM

Most likely timing off. However, one time I had a cylinder dowel pin drop in and sit on top of piston. And when I tried “dry rotation” it would bottom out (similar to what you are getting)

Reply to 2012 kx 450f 2/17/2021 7:31 PM

Is your ignition/ spark plug wire grounded?

Reply to LightSpeed or ProCarbon 2/16/2021 8:40 AM

Lightspeed should be no issue. Still waiting on a part from May 2020. I’m not too concerned, though. Everytime I call, I’m told should be finishing the batch up at the end of the week 😂. *Heavy Sarsasm*

Reply to Less Daniel Blair < Rutledge wood? WTF 2/14/2021 11:19 AM

Brandon just took his shirt off

Reply to Less Daniel Blair < Rutledge wood? WTF 2/14/2021 9:09 AM

This dude just sent it, and I respect him for it👍🏻

Reply to Less Daniel Blair < Rutledge wood? WTF 2/13/2021 9:31 PM

The Tavern above Kenny’s house, now at SodaSopa

Reply to Looking for 100% Bruni Armega goggles 1/27/2021 2:06 PM

I’m at Paulson’s in Lacey. We have two pair in stock

Reply to Spoke with my wallet..... 1/22/2021 9:10 PM

Where in Central PA?