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I came across this 05 this week and couldn’t pass it by. I love messing with these 125s. I was going to post the picture of this one and my 04 125 as the transition as a joke but it wouldn’t get past you guys. So here’s my new project. I have been leaning

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This may have already been discussed and I haven’t seen it but why did they not change the track from last week? First time I believe that they have ever raced the same exact track.

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I’ve noticed this in so many races. He rounds the first turn in around 4th-7th and then let’s off and gets over taken by half the field. Then has to bulldog his way back and here lately has gotten in the top 5 and cruised it home.

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This! If anyone but Jett did this, vital would erupt. But since it was the golden boy, he can do what he wants. The kid is super fast and impressive but I didn’t agree with slowing them both down in his ‘attempts’ to keep colt from passing.

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My 40x60 I had built in December. In the final steps of completion now. We finish electrical this week then I’ll move my toys in. I need some ideas as to where to do the workbench and bike area.

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That’s what I hate about commentating. They can’t break from what they are talking about to cover a live important part of the race. I would bet they see split screen just as we do.

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I agree that without these energy drink companies, our sport would not be where it’s at today. But I can’t help but wonder where they get all of this money from.. Red Bull is top of the class and Monster is still hanging out but I have literally never ... more »

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My fleet is finally getting the home they deserve. I’m doing a 40x60 shop,insulated with 12x12 doors. Pouring concrete now then doors will go up. I will post updated pictures once completed and bikes are in. The rzr got to spend the first night in it.

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Thank you! Always a work in progress but I love this bike

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This may have already been touched on but I just downloaded all the 2020 tracks and whats with the time settings and lighting of the track? Its either early morning or late afternoon and I cant really see the track due to the angle of the sun? Its almost ... more »

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It’s crazy to see how much faster the boys can run on a more open track than per say Loretta’s. They did the best they could with Loretta’s but it was nice to see them back on their usual terrain. That top 4 were straight hauling the mail today. When ... more »

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Explain why they interviewed Shane after 250 Moto 2. He finished 3rd and was not on overall podium, same position as Max yet he got an interview

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Contacts weren't for me so I've wore glasses under my goggles for years now and haven't had any problem. But that all comes down to the glasses,goggles and helmet fitment. You have to find what feels the best for you. I wear my old pair of ray bans, ... more »

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I hear you! I have been looking for another kx125 while I still haven'f finished my current 04 kx125 build lol My current one will be a PC style build but I would like to do a clean stock resto look as well

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Let’s see your bike then hot shot.

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That is one sweet pitbike my man! I've had several 110s over the years and the best motor kit I had was a Takegawa 143 big bore kit. That bike hauled the mail and and still had stock head. Anyone know if they still sell kits for the 110s? I bought mine ... more »

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I just don't see how making these guys go full outdoor mode for a potential full outdoor season to then turning around and wrapping up their 3 point difference supercross championship that they had to leave on hold for 5-6 months will work. I don't want ... more »

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This was literally identical to a track I raced at Lawrenceburg fair in Tennessee. Talk about the sketchiest shit I have ever seen. The weird part was they had a jumbo screen set up and a camera set up that was fairly high that followed the racing pretty ... more »

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It took you 5 months to come up with that response?