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That is one sweet pitbike my man! I've had several 110s over the years and the best motor kit I had was a Takegawa 143 big bore kit. That bike hauled the mail and and still had stock head. Anyone know if they still sell kits for the 110s? I bought mine ... more »

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I just don't see how making these guys go full outdoor mode for a potential full outdoor season to then turning around and wrapping up their 3 point difference supercross championship that they had to leave on hold for 5-6 months will work. I don't want ... more »

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This was literally identical to a track I raced at Lawrenceburg fair in Tennessee. Talk about the sketchiest shit I have ever seen. The weird part was they had a jumbo screen set up and a camera set up that was fairly high that followed the racing pretty ... more »

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It took you 5 months to come up with that response?

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Magnificent build! I love 03-up Kawi smoker builds. I have an 04 KX125 build that I have been on for years and that bike will be with me forever.

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I still hope most of this is blown a little out of proportion but a Supercross event cancelled because of an epidemic/ virus is a pretty big deal.

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Noticed Ricky said “Anderson hasn’t led here since 2008” and kept going without skipping a beat. I’m sure he meant 2018. I’m not as hard on Ralph and Ricky as most of the group here is but I felt tonight was rough and just awkward all around. They had ... more »

Added reply in a thread Let’s see those 2020 setups for the year! 3/5/2020 8:46 PM

Added reply in a thread Why no status on Moreau? 2/18/2020 8:19 AM

This has me wondering why this session was red flagged for ARays crash in the sand that did not seem to be very serious at all but Brian's wasn't? Obviously we don't have all the details on these situations but from what we all see it was not handled ... more »

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What brought you through Decatur?(Princess Theater) Thats my hood

Added reply in a thread San Diego Triples? 2/7/2020 12:21 PM

I wish they would quit putting the triples right at the end of a long whoop section. This year is the only year I remember them doing this consecutively. Several guys have come out squirrely and just grabbed a hand full of throttle and hope for the best ... more »

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Off course but why was the Georgia Lindsey thread clipped?

Added reply in a thread Ol Uncle Ronnie on the decline? 2/5/2020 8:09 AM

So, what happened to the Georgia Lindsey thread? I only saw some of it yesterday and it was going off course a bit but from what I saw people were making valid points...

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Normally practice starts at 11 here for us when the night show starts at 7. So why is it starting at 2 today?

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I experienced what I believe to be food poisoning a few year ago. We all ate Olive Garden for fathers day and I guess I got it from the chicken. Started throwing up and shitting at 8pm that night and by 4 am I couldn't take it anymore and had my dad ... more »

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I never had a problem with Ralph. It was not the same not hearing Ralph at A1. Yeah Ralph made mistakes and got cringe worthy here and there but Ricky is by far worse than Ralph in that aspect. Ricky does bring the rider aspect though. Honestly I couldn’t ... more »

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Does this mean he didn't have to have surgery on the hip? Great news he's back on the bike! I am a huge Deano fan and hate seeing him catch so many injuries.

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That clutch cover says more around 80 hours.

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My kx125 is probably my favorite bike. I may not be going fast but I sure feel like it! Awesome video

Started new thread Team Suzuki Jacket 12/3/2019 10:02 PM

I have a Team Suzuki jacket that I got from my buddy that raced for Suzuki in his amateur years. It’s a large/xl in size. It is not in perfect shape and it does have some stains. Just testing the waters to see if any of Suzuki fans would like to add

... more »

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