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Been running the Starcross 5 medium and have only positive things to say. And if you get a front and back now you can get a free set of eks goggles thru pulpmx. I ordered mine a week before that promo

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Love my 15 250sx. Great all around bike. As everyone has mentioned, the forks are not the best. Other than that no complaints. If I were to build a used bike, I would pick up the newest cr I could find in a reasonable price range. I personally always ... more »

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I'm running my bike at 50:1 with motorex and its running great. Your oil should be fine as there are plenty of guys on ktmtalk running that with great results. As far as jetting, since I don't know what is in there I can not give much insight. I can ... more »

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Really? With stock jetting? And what premix ratio? Personally I just followed the other recommends jetting by digger and I'm still on the original plug and with very little oil at the exhaust.

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I would argue that is a pretty subjective statement. This is all based off of only riding a developmental class on the gp circuit and a handful of one off races. There is not significant enough evidence that he could come over to the U.S. and just wax ... more »

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93 with up to 10% ethanol for my 15 250sx. No ethanol free in my area and I'm not spending $12 a gallon for vp. I do put some of the klotz octane booster/ stabilizer in and I can't tell a difference in power but it seems to start easier(first kick everytime) ... more »

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So it sounds like a problem is overpowered bikes in too tight of facilities? What if a facility opened up that had say 15 ktm e-bikes(altas or whatever brand). And with a membership you just rode their bikes? You could set it up similar to pole position ... more »

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Any luck or tips yet?

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I am certainly more of an AC fan than Webb, but I did not see anything particularly wrong with what either did. Webb was going to the front, saw an opening and went. I would say it was likely at the rate he was going he caught AC in a hurry, and did ... more »

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Yep, Charleston WV got hit really hard. We had 4 barges get loose on the kanawha river and hit multiple bridges.

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I heard with Anderson and Dungey out, Aldon is letting Jonah tag along for free.

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Same here. Since all of the assets (natural gas storage fields) I work with are a minimum of 4 hours away, I basically can work anywhere with Internet and phone service.

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I guess you could put leather conditioner on them but I don't do anything to them and not sure that would even help. I also used a leatt hinged knee guard, not a knee brace, so it may create less wear?

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I have the 16' 360 gear and it's very vented. I'm a big fan of the performance, just not the price

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I haven't raced the track since 2010, but I can say it is still hands down my favorite track I have ever ridden. Mostly because of all of the up and down hills. I haven't raced it since they put that giant quad in the back, which on video looks pretty ... more »

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Pic of my dad and I a few years back, the day after graduating from college.

He is for sure the person I look up to the most. He came from a very broken family without a dollar to their name, and then had me at 19. Defiantly dealt difficult ... more »
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Just my 2cents. Like project racer said, leave him on the pw until he has mastered it. The limited power will teach him to carry speed and make him a better rider. From personal experience, I was put on a too race ready bike at young age before I could ... more »

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Gaitten is a good rider, I'll be at the JP this weekend so I will be on the look out. Good luck to him!

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Thanks for all the suggestions. I have been using wd40 and even the wd40 with silicon which works pretty well. I may throw some of this on before the next gncc and see how it holds up. If it does not seem to work I may pick up some of the products you ... more »