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250sx or yz250. IMO a 450 is whole lot of bike for relatively inexperienced trail rider. Especially the moto version compared to an xcf. A 250 (four or two stroke) would be much more enjoyable and less daunting. Just my .02

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That's nice, but I'm not sure that results from 4 years ago when he was likely 12, in a different country, and on a mini bike exactly validates much.

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I knew there was a reason they had 'team mates'

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Or just watch it on the red bull TV app if you are not in close proximity to one. I was amazed how close the races was in some of the ones I watched

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I would bet she's pulling in more cash than a significant amount of the 250s that actually made the main. Could be wrong though

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Your point is valid, but I will respectfully disagree. For myself I am rarely going half as fast in tight woods as I would be going off most jumps. Also every injury that I have had was on an mx track and I have spent about equal time on both. Perhaps ... more »

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Similar situation, 26/married/with a one year old, woods racing and gp's just work way better for me. I don't have to worry quite as much about going to the hospital, I get significantly more seat time, I enjoy the technical trails more than the fear ... more »

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IMO if you are only doing a couple to get a feel for it then do the bare minimum. Maybe put some sort of hand guards. Mx are fine since the tracks are not super tight. As far as pit stops, I always keep my gas jug close to my trailer by the track to ... more »

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Do mind giving a quick review of what you thought of the rekluse? Currently kicking around the idea of getting one for my 250sx. Thanks

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In my opinion this whole special tools discussion is being blown a little bit out of proportion. On every ktm I have owned, I have been able to do most everything with the tools they give you.

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Spot on. Rotella T is the way to go. My 250sx was ridiculously rich. I'm not sure if the 150 jetting is close.

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Sounds some what similar to the gp's ran in south east Ohio. Tracks like fast traxx, wildwood lake raceway, and action sports promotion seem to put on great events. The only differences are probably the fact that the tracks are longer and each race is ... more »

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Was thinking the same thing on price.

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Could you fill us in on what the question was? I assume it was from the press conference?

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Musquin, Barcia, Canard......just want to see Musquin win personally.

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He should have at least given a shout out to his sponsors in the interview...

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Crazy day for us mountaineer faithful. First the basketball game going into double OT with Kansas State. Then the shoutout of the cactus bowl. Side note: As an alum that had two roommates from jersey, I can agree on the Yankees comment.

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Maxxis si is a good way to go for woods. If you do any gncc's you can take your wheel buy one and have it mounted all for $75. I used a mx52 and it worked well, I just preferred the maxxis. Both were ran on a 250sx

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Personally, we've had plenty of RAW videos this year and I'm not the biggest fan of rap, but I think Travis picked a song that flowed well for the video.

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Unadilla 02' was the first national I ever attended and it was amazing! (12year old birthday surprise) After the first motos I went to the pits to see if I could score some autographs. First up Carmichael: Caught him walking between semis and he told ... more »