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I'm still enjoying some off road riding as well as taking the 1290 on some back country roads. Keeping in mind social distancing as well as keeping away from Doc.

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Kinda sad reading some folks talk about Handing the title to Tomac as if he didn't deserve to be where he is right now. I'd prefer to watch MX than SX any day. I think I'm agreeable to whatever is best for the riders 1st, the fans and then promoters. ... more »

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I remember that day. I'll never forget it as long as I live. It was Much earlier than I thought. Memories!

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Suspension is like underwear. Everyone has their own pair. The main thing in my opinion is a shop that will actually go out and help you set it up. Many shops say they will but don't. I'd go so far as to say, make them set a date and time to help you ... more »

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Anyone making this political is a loser. The virus doesn't pick sides. My buddies are still riding here in Texas and enjoying that part of life.

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Social distancing. Go off-road riding,....specifically in Texas. I think we're OK unless we gather for drinks at the bar. Or, your house could flood and you could stay home and put in all new floors and sheetrock and base moulding and,...and,...and,... ... more »

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65% of Gas Gas is now owned by KTM. I don't think that KTM will slap a KTM engine in them. Maybe re-design them a little but they won't be like Husky/KTM. There is too much for them to lose in the overseas market if they do. I'd love to see a more KTMish ... more »

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The question I would be asking is why doesn't Barcia ride like he did tonight,.....Every Night. If I was Team Yamaha, I'd be asking that question, today, tomorrow and next week.

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If these youngsters are going I might go.......

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Go to the races and hit up the teams.

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Too much missing info. Estates can be many things, just depends how they are written. California laws are different than other states. Anyone on here that doesn't have a "WILL" should, and if you have any money or assets you should have some sort of ... more »

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Part of life. Great racing last night!

Started new thread Talimena GPS Tracks 2/8/2020 7:09 AM

Anyone have any Talimena Oklahoma GPS tracks they could share. Some awesome single track I've ridden but would love to have some GPS tracks. Thanks.

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It is pretty Sad that this isn't on Cable TV. If this isn't writing on the wall I don't know what is. Sure I can watch it on my phone or my computer, but not on DIRECT or DISH. I pay for NBC Gold so I thought I had it covered. I'd like it to be simple ... more »

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There is no wrong or right when it comes to people booing. Its happened in all sporting events all over the world for decades, and it will continue. We live in a free country and you're allowed to boo if you want. What DF does from this point forward ... more »

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Back in the day a move like this just reinforced the fact that Craig owed Ferrandis a Pay-back and everyone knew it was coming. It seems only fair that if Craig does pay-back Ferrandis that the AMA only treats Craig the same, especially if Ferrandis ... more »

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I think the AMA is too unpredictable.. What will they do if Craig retaliates and Ferrandis ends up losing the title? Will they do a fine and suspend it and a 12 month probation? Used to be, back in the day, you were due a "Pay-back", and Everyone Knew ... more »

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Does anyone use them on a regular basis? Do they help? My back is no where near in good shape but I work out and I'm not in much real pain (until I fall) Best

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Cool vid. Thanks for sharing. Like to see the other sides of dirt bikes!

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email me @ and I'll get you in touch with someone that can make that happen.

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