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Beautiful Pics! Thanks!!

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I've had ACL replacement on both my knees. The single most important thing you need to REMEMBER is your knee is only going to be as good as your PT. I took 9 months off on one knee and 6 months on the other. It took me longer to get up to speed after ... more »

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Blue flag should mean something to Stewey even if he's not used to it. Maybe it's racing but it sucks for MM! Might be time for James to call it a day!

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Maybe we could have about 10 more rounds in California....... rolling eyes!

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Agreed, but how do you REALLY FEEL? D

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VF has do deal with losing every weekend.....that should be enough for WP.

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Using your rationale we could (and should) have assault charges in every NFL game ever played. Didn't happen last night and doesn't happen in the NFL either. I think it was embarrassing for JGR and team. Maybe the bad press for VF will actually force ... more »

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We all have to live by the decisions we make. We can re-visit this in about 6 months. AB's record speaks for itself. AC,.....Rock N Roll!

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Check out David Pingree's 2016 KTM 350 bike on you tube. It has the flo orange and graphics...sweet!

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Marvin is a Class Act! DeCoster runs one Hell of a Team!

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Bought a bike again after about 4 years off. This thing is harsh in the woods. Any ideas on do it yourself or shops to send the suspension to? Sure miss the RG3 suspension on the Suzuki. The bike is a beast in the woods. Any other suggestions would be ... more »

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Channel 219 in the Dallas Area. Kinda tells you how SX rates when they won't interrupt a 9-0 baseball game. I'm sure the sponsors will have something to say.

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Should be interesting……. Thanks, GB.

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Very Nice pic Bob,…almost makes me want head out and see if the old steed will start up and ride,,…almost.

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What a great human being and an asset to the sport everywhere. God Speed!

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Reed is in,.....or at least he is at the riders meeting now.

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I thought for sure this sport was heading in the right direction. Oh, well DIRECT TV is showing both at noon here.

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Few people know how fast Regal really can be, but Mr. Brooks in one of them. Chad Reed knows how fast he can be and asked him to be on CR22 a while back. Jim Lewis knows better than anyone. Regal is a good kid and comes from a good family.

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Really a fun race. If it's dry like it was the years I raced, you need to prepare for that. Get some of those pull off filter covers and set them up right. We tested ours so we could pull them of with the pull of a string at any time. It made a HUGE ... more »

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Sad thing will be when we allow TV coverage to change our sport to a 1 moto format because it's better for TV. I think it's coming.........