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Get the Factories OUT of the 250 class or change it to where you can only modify pipes and certain suspension parts. Cap sponsorship for 250 riders. Split ticket sales between Promoter and riders 50/50 then riders take is 75% for 450 and 25% and 250. ... more »

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Tomac reminds me of a forgotten guy named RC. He was rarely challenged but when he was he sometimes needed to be reminded that the fastest guy every weekend isn't the Champion. It took RC a couple of years to be able to play the game. Fast where you ... more »

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We All know Tomac would Love to Show # 25 who's Boss, but it's Not about Races, rather Championships. Someone in his corner (Dad and Kawi) have given him Great Advice! Unless something goes Very Wrong, Congrats to Tomac as the 2017 AMA Motocross Champion! ... more »

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So Sad people don't understand Business an the Short Career these guys have. It could all end in a second. Tomac is just being Smart, and since Not One of you pays his bills he really could give a RAt's Ass what you think!

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It's Not just Harley, the entire motorcycle industry is dying. I spoke yesterday with a (now retired) head of Tucker/Rocky and he told me the industry has been going down hill since 08. Dealers today are less than half of what they used to be. It's been ... more »

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Not sure if he's put these on here but thought he did a nice

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Thanks for the coverage and some Awesome pics from Ken Hill!

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When Big James took over and little James left Jeremy, he was TOAST!

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Unusual looking triple clamps on the Zooks.

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Fantastic Coverage. Love to see off-road! Keep up the Great Work!!!

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I think that was exactly why they were booing. As soon as he said cheap shots, it started. It also looked liked Dungey tried to walk that comment back as well. Smart move by Tomac and about all he could do. I thought Anderson's comment that he was the ... more »

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Another Participation Trophy for you as well!

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Tomac was Smart and Osborne rode Awesome! Great racing down to the wire. Can't wait for the Outdoor Nationals.

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Here's your participation trophy!

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You obviously don't race much. Smart move by Tomac, it was all he could do!

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That HURT!

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Right or wrong, pissed or not this minimizes the Blue Flag. Either you get the blue flag and move over or you don't. That is the bottom line. If you're not going to enforce the Blue flag (AMA never does) then why have it? To me, it only serves to minimize ... more »

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It was a bad night for Dungey and Reed and the AMA.

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Anderson didn't hit freeeeeezie last weekend, freeeeezie hit him? Stupid move by Anderson for sure, but some would say he's going for it. If I was his manager I'd tell him to wake up and ride SMART, as it's a long season and Crashing never helped anyone. ... more »

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Moto has become so political. SX/MX/GP. Guy knows what I'm talking about. It could be So much better and allow a lot more opportunities for those that don't have it. There is So much Control, from the Sponsors, to the tracks to the owners. Follow the money. So far it's worked, but it sure in't like it used to be. The Big Boys make the money, the rest barely survive.

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