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Now Open:

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How could we make any other choice?

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No, he's racing for the win and he kept his line and was in front of Forkner by all but the rear tire. 2 turns before that he came all the way over on Plessinger. If your good enough to dish it out you better be good enough to take it.

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Plessinger by far, plus he's got a great attitude.

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Can I get some of what you're smoking?

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Saw the rear wheel turning so doubt its a rock. He let the clutch out and tire locked up. Part of racing but its sad to see when you're that far ahead. Kenny is a great guy. Good for him.

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I would say a rock.....if it's a mechanical wouldn't want be in the Green Truck today.

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Very serious injury. Lucky this didn't end in paralysis. He's a great kid and wish for a speedy recovery.

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Between hair spray and paint/glue which one could you wash away with water?

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I heard that the only bikes effected are above 500cc. I believe I saw this in the WSJ about a week ago.

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Politics, Control,.....repeat......

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I've had jetting issues with my 17 300 Six Days since day one. Have the JD kit and I'm tired of swapping jets and needles. Put the V-Force reeds in day one because the stock reeds were warped. Bought the Lectron but have not put it on yet. Buddy has ... more »

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I would never have Boo'd but it's a free country. We already have enough people telling others how to think and vote...

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God Speed to him and his family.

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Thanks to Tony Miller for Bringing a National Back to Texas! Thanks for all you have done to Give back to the Sport that's so Important to all of us. I miss talking to you Tony. God Speed to a very Special Man!

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Seems taking people out on the last lap has been Hayes MO for the entire time he's been in AX. I think it takes away from the sport. I would bet that if those kind of passes happened every lap and in every race things would change. Rubbing is racing ... more »

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Best rider won as well as the fastest. Can't wait until the outdoors!

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Somehow I believe Marvin's day is coming. Maybe not in the SX series but it's coming. I bet Marvin knows that too. 2018 is going to be a long season.