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The Politics in this sport are incredible and the people that claim to be your friend and on your side are only interested in themselves in the end.

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It depends on what type of ACL repair you had. Cadaver, Patella Tendon, hamstring etc. 6 months minimum also depending on how fit you were when you injured the knee. I've had both done and did 6 months on one and 9 on the other. I was in much better ... more »

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Anyone remember a rider named Shaun Kelly? Was from Houston and had some really trick Yamaha 60's. Was really fast. I went to High school with him and worked at his dad's Firestone store.

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Simple Question. Do you want to see the Best or do you want to see the Rest?

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If you're really interested in these companies making a resurgence then Stop posting this garbage online. Do you think your post helps your cause?

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Suspension re-valved for woods. Bibs and good tires. If you're on an MX bike then go up a tooth or three. Barkbusters and a Good skid plate. Wet roots aren't your friend until you know how to ride them. Maybe a bigger tank YMMV.

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I own a 19 300 six days and my buddy just bought the 300 Sherco. I expected more when I rode it but I must admit I've got the WP Pro suspension and GET ignition and FI. Bike didn't respond like mine and the suspension felt really stiff. He had his crank ... more »

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Give it some time....My son broke his back and he took up golf for a while. Things change and so does life....

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Are you 12 years old or are you here just to start shit,,,,,,

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He's got quite a resume' for a crybaby.

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23 years old is not even beginning life yet. I'm 60 and walked away 3 times because of different things. I always walked back. I'll ride until I can't.

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I wouldn't ever buy anything but an O ring or X ring unless I was on a 125/150. I'm strictly off-road and I can destroy a non ring chain in one long race. I usually buy the RK but last week bought the DID narrow but have not put it on yet. I've never ... more »

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Ain't America Great!

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I love my TPI but have since switched the Injection as well as ignition to GET, The options are incredible.

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I think I remember doing a GNCC at Lorttas back in the day. That one up hill you could shift 3 times. Coming from Texas I thought it was a Mountain!!

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There is some pretty cool stuff in Ark. Some of the jeep trails could rival anything I've seen in Colorado. The SXS revolution has ruined so much single track. Talimena Ok will give you all you can handle.

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I've had ACL replacement on both knees. One I did 9 months the other 6. I was in better shape when I did 6 months but I still think I pushed and should have done 7. The doc used my patella so it was pretty invasive. You're only as good as your re-hab ... more »

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Good point.

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The best thing that happened yesterday was the Space Launch....Today will be the SX. Tomorrow I have to mow the lawn.