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Take a look at the short skirt and surface of a fourstroke piston, it needs a higher idle speed as below a certain speed the piston starts to rock in the bore and will be used up much earlier.With the correct speed the piston will leave the rear cylinder ... more »

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Watch out for cracks at the spoke holes in the SM pro rim -I threw both SM pro wheels away as almost every other spoke hole had a crack.

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nobody - why should I?

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the clutch seal is indeed crap on the Magura. You can replace that lousy quadring with the o-ring from the Brembo slave - they are the same diameter, or use the complete Brembo piston in your Magura housing as I did - it fits the Magura housing without ... more »

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Have a 19 FC - it is indeed a little bit more mellow down low than the KTM but the suspension and handling is better. Mapping is very good, you will feel the difference. Map 1 is good for low traction tracks, map 2 is very strong and good on deep surface. ... more »

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check sag front and rear and make sure the spring/air pressure suit your weight. Check rebound damping on the fork - too much will pack the fork within a couple bumps and start headshake. If it shakes on fast, bumpy straights, a little more rebound will smooth it. Start with the settings in the book and go from there.

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The detent for neutral is not very deep on the shifterdrum to aid quick and easy shifting from first to second. Maybe high revs, some vibrations and a weak detent spring caused the jump into gear. Or the neutral detent was not selected properly - who ... more »

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The dogs that engage into the corresponding gears are undercut on a KTM/HQV. Thus you need to lift the throttle or pull the clutch a bit when you want to change gear. Two reasons for this: while changing up the undercut degree of dogs will pull the next ... more »

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would you ship to Germany? how much for the parts?

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He slid on oil of his own bike and hit a guardplank which killed him instantly. Fare well "Big German"

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Yes, using the bio degradable oil is very good. When I have used enough filters to fill the drum, I clean them in my old washing machine with the hot program (90 degr C) I run the program twice and the filters are perfectly clean.

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Take the plug out, put the motor in high gear and rock the rear wheel until you find the TDC of piston. You can insert a long plastic straw and feel when the piston is at TDC. Now you can check if your TDC mark on flywheel is dead center of the hole. ... more »

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I have never had success with any sort of glue on crankshaft bearings, so I go this route: get the bearings outer circumference nickel-plated with a thickness of 0,01mm. This will make the bearings diameter 0,02mm larger and thus give it the correct ... more »

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Before you adjust the TPS, connect the harness and take readings from the factory set-up and how it changes when you move the throttle. Write them down. Then loosen those two screws and adjust the TPS. If you don´t find improvement you can always go ... more »

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The Ride Engineering link changes the leverage a bit but the PC changes the ratio as well. I have the PC link and knuckle in my 16 / 17 / and 2018 KTM SXF 450. It makes the rear end more progressive - starts softer and gets a bit harder near the end ... more »

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Check the timing of cams by degrees. Get the opening/closing points for both cams, put a degree disc on the crank and see when your cams open/close the valves. Or get the lift data at TDC and measure this. Or get data for lobe center and lobe center ... more »

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chain pins don´t matter but timing does. Verify that your opening / closing points happen at the correct degrees. Sometimes camwheels have slipped on the cam - if this is the case you still have the marks on the chainwheels aligned but the actual cam ... more »

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ask RC

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check run-out of crank. I had several Yamahas and Kawasakis in my workshop with shot crank bearings. In every case the run-out was worse than 3/100mm - one Kawa was about 1/10mm out! Most engines got noisy around 35 to 40 hours.

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Look at the end of the part, there is a hook. I think it resembles the circlips inside the gearbox.