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Go watch the sidecar GP races in your area - you will not be disappointed. I used to race the heavy fourstrokes and a couple two strokes, stopped when qualified for EM in the 90s. The son of my first passenger, Andres Haller is working in the sidecar ... more »

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Every third hole on the rim goes the same spoke from the hub. So put the inners in first from both sides and add the outers after that - very easy if you look at another wheel in front of you.....

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No vet but 30 years of dogs, started with a great dane and a Dobermann puppy, went to a lot of dog shows, won a world championship with a mastiff in Milano/Italy and finally realised what a bunch of idiots most so-called breeders are so I turned upside ... more »

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This will come and go until the dog is grown up but will not leave deficits. Make sure you feed him with low fat, low proteine and low calcium. If you could change the feeding to BARF you will lessen the problem a lot. The illness is on the tube bones ... more »

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I can´t remember the year but Gaston was racing the Winter MX in Frankenbach/Germany. When lining up at the start gate he looked for his mechanic who was not around for unknown reasons. I saw that he needed someone to help him to put him and the bike ... more »

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Even from the factory there is a little smear of silicone under the halfmoons. Clean it properly and put a little bit of sealer under the halfmoons and it will stop the leak.

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At least the caps were made probably the 26th week of 2014. What numbers are on the axle lugs?

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Had one for a while before I switched to the big Husabergs. The bike was easy to start once you knew how to and adjusted the carb properly. Starting was never an issue for me but the weight and power made it difficult at times on rough mx tracks.

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Thanks for posting this. I was not aware of this version. When Stevie plays, it sends shivers down my neck. What a .loss to all SRV lovers - there would have been so much more to come from him.

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Can´t remember which years but the big Honda had two shallow grooves in the cylinder above the exhaust port. They let some compression out while kicking the bike so it was easy to start. When the engine fires everything happens at a much faster pace ... more »

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Check bolt heads, especially on the engine. If never been opened they will have only slight marks from tightening in the factory. Check the footrests and rear brake pedal for wear marks. If allowed, pull the front fork legs out and see the amount of ... more »

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Seems you got a long rod crank in there. This might point to a stroked 125 which will not make it a 200cc engine. But it could also be a stroked 200? The worn away front engine mounts look like a bash plate holder was rattling around there for several ... more »

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The ECU will tell you everything. It lets you know how much part- or full throttle the bike has seen and the day and hour when the bike was ridden. So if there is a long gap of several weeks or months between riding time you could be quite sure that ... more »

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Check the points - if corroded you will not have contact to earth/mass when the points are closed. Thus you cannot load the coil and generate a spark.

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1975 380 Falta CZ - started my desire to spend all my time and money on Moto Cross. 2000 Husaberg FC 600 - more power than everybody else on track and lots of fun keeping the front wheel down. 2016/17/18 SXF 450 - got a lot quicker with these bikes 1983 ... more »

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Here comes my solution: I bumpstarted the bike and could not get another reading between red and black as the 4,89 Volts DC. So I then switched the red multimeter wire to the white wire between the red and black. Left the black multimeter in the black ... more »

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Until now I tried to get the reading that all the youtube films show - but for whatever reason I cannot get all my multimeters to show a understandable reading. So I marked the TPS housing in relation to the throttle housing and losened the screws. I ... more »

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So I went to check the resistance of the TPS on the Husky. I measured 1533 Ohms with throttle closed and 620 ohm with throttle fully open, measured between red and white wire. This is reproduceable on the Husky and on the KTM SXF 450/18. I couldn´t check ... more »

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Yes, I bump started and got that reading. After about 8 seconds the relay switches off again. Even when the engine runs I don´t get any difference in readings....

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Hello I have the harness with the correct sockets so I tried to check the TPS setting on my Husky. Despite checking with three different multimeters I could not get a correct reading, all I got was 0,168 V DC. When opening or closing the throttle there ... more »

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