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There is no air in it

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Did you ever read the manual?

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2 things I realised after reading this weeks column number 1- Racer X would never allow such saucey replies hence why the Pingree column is now on Vital and number 2 - Now Ping has been banned from Twitter he has extra saucey replies in his column. I am not having ago Pingree nothing negative in my comments just an observation...more

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Doing heat cycles with the bike just idling is the worst for a new engine. The cam(s) need at least 1500 revs (thats 3k on the crank) to form an oil wedge and the piston rings need gas pressure to be pressed onto the cylinder surface for proper running ... more »

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get a van

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Ride the bike!

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Never again will I buy this plastic junk. They always refused to replace the crap for free so I made my own jug. Holds 20 Litres

It will probably soldier on with my grandchildren...
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Have the bore measured accurately, get the (new) bearing plated to the correct oversize diameter for your bore measurement and assemble.

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All of us had a 508 or 608 Mercedes Benz van in those times. We got those vans cheap as they were used all over Europe in a lot of businesses. The engine was typical Mercedes, not very fast but long lasting. Usually you built a compartment in the back ... more »

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genuine Trax springs are conical at the lower and, around 2 or 3mm smaller than upper end. They are stepped 3Nm whereas the normal WP springs are 2Nm.

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No need for changing the complete slave. 19 and older HQV have a lousy quad ring that blows after a couple hours but could be replaced with an O-ring. All these bikes can use the better Brembo piston as the diameter is the same. HQV 2020 models have ... more »

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The long rod is for longer dwell around TDC.If wheels are still pressed on the cams change your cam timing in small increments to find overall best. If you change overlap you can shift the power curve a bit and find the best set-up for your exhaust.

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Funny to see my club buddy Steffen comment the new bike

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Rollers: you could use two rollers, one double shouldered, the other no shoulder or two rollers with a shoulder each but then check endplay when cold. When crank and case expand at different rates and the length difference is less of the sideplay of ... more »

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Here is Churchill - my sweatheart and biggest Dane I ever had, close to 90kg.

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Ortema K-com - nothing else comes close

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One of Chucks personal planes was sold to German enthusiasts. It is here at my local airfield and gets flown occasionally. Its a North American T6 with a highly blueprinted engine, giving about 200 hp more and thus Chuck had the wings shortened 1/2 meter ... more »

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The 247mm springs tend to break the last half turn, happened to me on my 16 sxf 450. Changed it to a 260mm spring and never had a problem again. KTM/HQV went back to the 260mm spring after 2017.

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Not normal. My 2018 CV had service 3 times since I bought it new, never leaked at this place.

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You need to check clearance of valves/piston on overlap TDC.