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Reply to New x-Brand goggles??? 7/31/2019 7:49 AM

Yes. I have both EKX-S and GOX models. I really like both models. I almost prefer the GOX just because like the poster above, I like a simple Model 89ish goggle with good foam and a good strap. I done need super wide lenses and molded, curved lenses. ... more »

Reply to Still Smokin’: Return To The Tiddler - Chapter One: Smell The Money 7/12/2019 6:41 AM

Jeff, Your name seemed familiar to me, possibly from back in the day, but I had not ever really heard of you until seeing your posts on here after my return to dirt bikes in 2015. Your writing and posts have definitely made me a fan! Great job riding ... more »

Reply to Anyone try fitting YZ SSS forks to a KTM 450sxf? 7/8/2019 5:12 AM

I have since updated the decals to ProTune KYB decals instead of the WP stickers. I think you can kind of see the lugs and the KYB etching in this photo.
Reply to Anyone try fitting YZ SSS forks to a KTM 450sxf? 7/8/2019 5:08 AM

@LiquidSamurai I had my set built this past winter. He is one of my sponsors so my pricing isn't the same. He does great work and built mine up with Black outer tubes and Black Billet lugs. I have never used any MX Tech parts. Corey has always done great ... more »

Reply to Who's going to vintage days? 7/2/2019 3:02 PM

This is the Husky I am riding. It is on loan to me from a friend. I will also be cruising and trying to sell this 81 Yamaha DT125. ... more »
Reply to Who's going to vintage days? 7/2/2019 11:56 AM

I am assuming it is Evolution 2 250A. Does that sound right?

Reply to Who's going to vintage days? 7/2/2019 10:30 AM

I will be there! Racing the Hare Scramble on an 82 Husky 250XC. This will be my first time. I am excited.

Reply to Show Us dem KTM's 2019/2020 7/1/2019 7:42 AM

With the lights on for a local time keeper enduro. I've since added an FMF Pipe, and Keihin carb. Forks are built by ProTune. WP outer tubes with KYB internals.
Reply to WP 4CS to KYB SSS conversion. 7/1/2019 5:48 AM

Corey Smith at ProTune Suspension can fix you right up. (740) 988-6673

Reply to Anyone try fitting YZ SSS forks to a KTM 450sxf? 7/1/2019 4:40 AM

Call Corey Smith at ProTune Suspension in Ohio. He built me a set of KYB forks for my KTM. They bolt right on and use the KTM brakes and wheels. ProTune (740) 988-6673

Reply to 1996 Kx250 6/28/2019 6:14 AM

This thing is awesome. I really want a 98, possibly a 97.

Reply to 2020 Kawasaki KLX300r 6/18/2019 7:55 AM

Get that 150 and never look back. They are awesome.

Reply to 2020 Kawasaki KLX300r 6/18/2019 7:43 AM

Yes. It has to be their option for a "full size" trail bike to offer alongside the 230 that is coming as well. I don't hate them for offering those two bikes because that is a market segment that has little options but I am also wishing and waiting for ... more »

Reply to Main Event Moto 6/10/2019 8:27 AM

I have been giving Main event a shot lately and while its not my favorite show, it's not the worst thing. I don't like some of the drug talk but it is what it is. These kids, while they are world class athletes, do go out and party and I wouldn't be ... more »

Reply to MX on a Golf Course. 6/10/2019 6:00 AM

There is a sprint enduro in West Virgina that uses a golf course. It was held recently.

Reply to What is a Bike you Personally had great luck with 5/24/2019 4:53 AM

2005 Kawasaki KX250 2 stroke. Magazines all said the suspension was bad and that it handled poorly but I loved it.. Near won a 250A enduro championship on it.

Reply to Financing a new bike 5/10/2019 7:21 AM

I finance my bikes but usually put $2500 down. I'm not sure what my actual payment is, but I pay around $250 a month on it.. I sell them after around 175-200 hours and roll that money toward a new one.

Reply to How To Buy CTI Knee Braces? 5/8/2019 5:00 AM

They do have Reps. I am in Ohio and that's how I got mine. I can try to get you his contact info but I am not sure he can help you all the way in NC. He may have an idea on how to get in contact with someone locally though.

Reply to Anyone else have this problem w/ their sg12s? Gearne customer service? 4/26/2019 5:57 AM

I buy a new pair of SG12s every year and put a couple hundred hours on a pair and have never had that happen to a pair. I would be curious to see you ride and see if there is something you’re doing on the bike that may be rubbing them weirdly.

Reply to Any Fly Formula's out in the wild? 4/24/2019 7:34 AM

Awesome to see them out there! I guess they must have sent them out to distributors before sending to support riders. Can't blame them, I suppose. I know I am excited for mine and am glad to see many others are supporting them and buying them as well. ... more »