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I raced an enduro in Michigan like that.. The day started at 35-36 degrees and drizzling. Within about 30 minutes of the start the temps dropped and the intensity picked up. The snowflakes were so big and so heavy that wearing goggles was impossible. ... more »

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That's a pretty smoking deal.

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ProTune in Wellston Ohio built me a set of KYBs for my 2019 250XC. They were pretty good but I liked my OEM tubes with the older WP Closed Chamber internals better. I am on AER Cone Valves now and they are incredible. Call Corey at Protune and discuss ... more »

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That's going to be really awesome. Consider me jealous. -J

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A lot of guys will fill the hole with RTV silicone.

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I dream of one often. Like Woodsgoon, I would do 40x80 but since it's just my wife and I, I would probably do a smaller living area. I love the idea of having full hookups inside for my 5th wheel toyhauler, and plenty of room to keep my truck, cars, ... more »

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I noticed better small bump absorption when converting to the bladder. I had ProTune in Ohio do mine with the WP bladder.

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Awesome! I am waiting to hear back from Kawasaki and my local shop about the 21 450XC. I am looking forward to going back to a Kawasaki after many years on KTM and others...

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Stupid Apple Autocorrect. My computer does it regularly...

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Don't forget the flimsy plastic skidplate that I will have to replace with a quality part...

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Only partially wrong.. The XCW is a true wide ratio gearbox. The XC (2 stroke for sure) has a close ratio 1-2-3 and then 4-5-6 are wide. I have had more than a few XCWs and XCs now and definitely prefer the XC close ratio in the woods but like being ... more »

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I wasn't aware of the 450 having the SXF trans. Thanks for the info. I will look to see if the 250 and 350 do as well. I know my 2 stroke XC has the close ratio 1-2-3 and the more spaced out 4-5-6. -J

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I am happy that Kaw did SOMETHING but they sure left a lot to improve on in 2022.. How about at least do as Honda did and give a larger tank? I love Kawasaki but as it is right now, I can buy the MX model, and a Rear wheel and have the same bike. I am ... more »

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This is awesome. My interactions with JT$ have always been top notch. Either in person when he's scrambling 1000mph at an SX, or when sending messages via IG or email. It's great, to me, to see his integrity and willingness to go over and above with ... more »

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Any rumors as to why the departure from Sherco? Usually there is SOME speculation or rumor but this happened right in the middle of #stayhome and was kept pretty quiet. I am guessing more will come out after the weekend at the races.

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I kept my S-works Enduro but added this Intense Sniper to the stable. So far it’s pretty sweet. It’s been a while since I’ve had a true XC bike so I’m getting used to the shorter travel. Can’t complain how efficient and fast it is though!

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One of the coolest parts of my trip to Anaheim 1 this year. Ryno was hanging out at the Honda truck for a long time and I got to talk to him and get some pics. I just approached and asked for a quick pic. He ended up talking to me for a while about riding

... more »
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This is my Jamis Eclipse 853 Steel with full DuraAce. It's getting old and I think I would like to try a new carbon ride but I have loved this and my previous 6/4 Ti roadie so much, I am a little hesitant to go to Carbon.

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Not quite the torque of a 250 but a HUGE midrange rush and not quite as high revving as a 125. I love the 200's

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2017 SWorks Enduro with 27.5+ wheel setup and new 12 speed Shimano.