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I got to meet Mr. Lister on a plane from LAX to DFW. He flew coach and was the nicest guy. We was so gracious to everyone for knowing who he was and was humbled by the applause and cheers.

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You won't be disappointed in a Levo. I have spent a decent amount of time on them and it's a solid bike. I really like specialized ergos and geometry.

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I bought a Giant Trance X E+ 0 about a month ago and am loving it. It has a Giant Branded motor that is actually built by Yamaha. It also has Fox Live Valve suspension that is pretty neat. I also bought a Tazer MX Expert for my wife and saved $5k over ... more »

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I can agree with this. I may have been a little less eloquent in the other thread when I posted about this. You worded a little better.

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Like someone else above said, I listen to PulpMX weekly and am a big fan but I feel like I have Yamaha spooge on me after hearing them being jerked off for the first hour. The whole "unwritten" and "unspoken" rule BS is just that. BS. I don't care if ... more »

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Yeah, he definitely possesses something extra. It's pretty amazing to watch when he's locked in and railing.

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Thanks for the reply @GrapeApe. So if I am understanding correctly, a person can sign up for MAVTV Plus today, and they could stream this weekend's race without dealing with the FLO BS?

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OK, without going into frustrations and how incredibly bad this all has been, and without having to read all 9 pages, can someone tell me what I need to do today in order to watch this weekend ? I have a big party going on all weekend and am going to ... more »

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It won’t cast from my phone and for some reason the password isn’t recognized on my appleTV. Just cancelled my subscription. I hate to do it but I have other stuff I can be doing on a weekend besides fighting with a stupid app or website.

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The 6th gear is worth the entire price difference to me. I'm not wringing the bike out in 6th but on a transfer where I am going over 45mph in a field, dirt road or pavement, I can cruise at half throttle in 6th versus being right in the meat of the ... more »

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This is Russ passing me at 16:08 in the first section of that race. I am a 40+ A rider. I'm not super fast but am not "slow" by any means. The top level guys are on a whole 'nother planet in regards to speed.

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I just said this yesterday. I had plans to ride the NEPG series and pull a Momentum Toy Hauler with an F350 DRW. If fuel gets to $5/gal, I'll stay home and/or ride locally.

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Does MAV offer HD yet? Last I knew, it wasn't in HD but that's probably changed by now.

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As I told you in the pits at A2, the work you're doing here in the Pit Bits is all time! Thank you ML!

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Those who have been here know ML doesn't bottom A kit. He doesn't even ride A kit obviously. We have all been waiting on the A kit Shootout for some time now. LOL Disclaimer - This is all in jest. I like ML and his contributions..

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My wife and I recently bought equipment for electronic scoring at off-road events. We already have one business that's doing well and I am going to talk to my accountant about at least writing off the depreciation of my bike for the new Scoring business ... more »

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Dang @ML512, didn't even let me finish my reply before coming in and stealing my thoughts!! LOL

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I have a big box of MAC, Snap-On, SK, and Craftsman tools at home. My toyhauler box is primarily Harbor freight tools. I don't want to have to spend $1000's on tools that don't get used as often and have a higher risk of being dropped, loaned, and lost. ... more »

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I have gotten to the point that I hate to even see A Ray on the track. 3ish or more years ago, I chalked it up to him being an enthusiastic privateer laying it all out there to make it. Since then, he has only gotten worse. At this point, he is a danger ... more »

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Awesome shots again! One of the best stops of the year with military appreciation.