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I have a Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports. I would love a 790 but where I am in Ohio, doesn't give me much use for its capabilities. The A-Twin is decent offroad and good on road.

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Reading this story makes me wonder if I should get off the two strokes I love so much and actually buy a four stroke. I borrowed one for a Hare Scramble a year or so back and after the race,my wife mentioned to me that I should get one because she had ... more »

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Last photos I saw of 'Hoff was on a KTM still. It's rumored he may start on a KTM and switch to the GG later from what I read.

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Geico Honda opening the rig is so cool. Great job by that team.

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Love him or hate him, Ryno really pushes against using them as well. I didn't wear them for nearly 20 years of racing but a couple years ago a windfall allowed me to get custom CTi's. I don't think about them as much for internal knee protection but ... more »

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I've enjoyed it so far. JT$ is awesome and has credibility to back up a lot of his observations and opinions.

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When I was at A1, they started signing Autographs around 2:30 and were done by 3:00. Lines were HUGE!

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Definitely give Corey at ProTune a call. You being in PA, he is relatively close to you and knows the terrain you are riding well. He has a TON of options for you and your TE. I am certain you won't be disappointed. Those of you harping on KYB. I had ... more »

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Sometimes not BS though. I have had deals over the years that had 25-30 dollar S&H for goggles or skidplates. That quickly negates the % discount that was offered. I started emailing the companies directly about the shipping and it helped.

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I have the TLD that has been mentioned here. It's nice and really hugs the body but I prefer my Fly Racing Revel for woods racing that I do. The TLD was almost always too hot due to it hugging too tightly.

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This is exactly what I have done over the years. A lot of my sponsors are companies I have dealt with year in,and year out. Some started with Hookit deals and I have continued to support the company as much or more than they support me. Results also ... more »

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He was quite a phenom back then. He used to race at my club, Treaty City MC, when he was on Minis and SuperMinis. He would smoke the A field while on his SuperMini. The F&S Rehmert Rockets were pretty cool. I never rode Suzukis or liked them for ... more »

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Requires a login Tblazier

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My 2005 KX250 stock pipe was better than anything aftermarket. My 2015 KTM200 OEM was better as well.

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It's hell for guys like me who pop dents from pipes for people. I use two different methods and they both are a PITA to use.

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Lightning Weppler is a great guy and does a good job promoting events over there on his property. I have not been on the MX track but have done a MotoTrials event there with Trials Inc. and he was awesome.

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He was faster over most all the jumps. He lost time mostly on the tables where the 150's had flat ground to accelerate past. I was rooting for him all night.

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I have a set of AERs I would sell. Less than 5 hours on them. They are off a 2019 250 XC. I will have ProTune set them up for you as well. email jpelaston at hot mail com

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I ride A in the woods. Usually in the top 20% Overall at a national enduro and sometimes a good bit better than that locally. This year has been a struggle. I am almost 40 and am starting to second guess hitting things at speed.

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Which cone springs do you have? I might be interested in those.