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Train To Ride - Six Moves You Must Include in Your Training This Off Season

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Six Moves You Must Include in Your Training This Off Season (Part 1 and Part 2 Videos Below) 

Ever since you were a baby beginning to learn how to move you began to work on the fundamentals of movement. It was the birth of your adult athleticism and riding future so to speak.

The evolution of your athletic capabilities started to take shape when you were a baby laying on your back staring at the ceiling. Your next step was working to lift your head while on your stomach; next was to turn over, then to pushing up off the ground and pulling yourself around, then you started crawling and eventually working to pulling yourself up to try to stand and finally to standing and walking.

These ‘simple’ tasks you performed as a baby are what are called “primal movement patterns” and in order to do those things as a child, you were unknowingly activating these seven movements that are embedded into our DNA:

1.    Squatting

2.    Lunging

3.    Pushing

4.    Pulling

5.    Bending

6.    Twisting

7.    Gait

As an example, these seven patterns are developed through the ages of 2-18 and “windows of growth and opportunity.” (Parents, check out LTAD for a swath of resources to help your children full develop athletically). These windows are particular periods of time that your body is open to learning specific attributes of movement.

Why is this important as a mountain biker, moto or cycling athlete?

Because even though we aren’t “learning” the task of squatting for the first time like you did when you were a baby, we mountain bike athletes still need to consistently work on improving our movement abilities to truly achieve the highest level of riding capability you own. The only difference is that you are older, have had injury/trauma, have tightness, weakness, etc., etc., In other words your system can be polluted with compensation!

But don’t be discouraged! The way to begin to solve some of these compensatory issues is to train having these seven “primal movement patterns” as the foundation of the training program(s) you create.

Trust me, when you get good at these you will be rewarded with:

  • Better skills
  • Improved ability to move around on the bike
  • Sustained strength throughout your rides and races
  • Reduced fatigue
  • Injury resistance
  • Optimal posture
  • Great ability to transfer bike to body forces 

I’ve created two training tips videos for you to implement this off-season. Video #1 is upper body based with Pushing, Pulling, and Twisting.


Video #2 is lower body-based working on the Squatting, Lunging, and Bending.


So when you consider your training program this year, make sure you are working on perfecting these 7 movement patterns for your best 2023!

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Coach Dee is the past coach for the @yeticycles enduro team and trainer to many worldwide. He's used his MTB training programs to personally win two championships as a Masters racer in the @BigMtnEnduro series and has a program to help you whether you are a weekend warrior or pro racer, click HERE to find a program to fit your exact needs.


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