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Have you read that article? Old Luongo contradicted himself right at the first question. Says the promoter has to stay neutral, and that dialogue is needed. Yet on the startgate, there was no dialogue. It was his "very smart" son who had a monologue ... more »

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Kinda shocked that Stefan is taking the side of Infront here and going against the riders. The mud was not the only problem today - it was about junior Luongo, who once again wanted to play his autocracy, not giving a fuck about riders! The thing is, ... more »

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Both ARMA and Monster were team deals through Honda Gariboldi. Fun fact, Gajser had actually a deal with Red Bull Adria/Slovenia back in 2012/2013. It was some kind of a development/junior deal with no helmet deal, but there was some support. There were

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I'm really surprised they haven't gone with the option to rent some standard bikes from a dealer in ARG, and just bring some parts and suspension.

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Here is my 2 cents. You all talk about his social media numbers - sure, 500k ain't a small number, but when you look at other metrics there is nothing really that stands out. And if you just look the character of Cole - personality wise something is ... more »

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Well, a rumor is going around that Valkenswaard won't host the Dutch GP next year, so this whole start thing shouldn't be a problem anymore!

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For sure, but there is also a lot of background stuff going on with YS. Actually the Monaco company is just a small office of the Youthstream Organisation / Youthstream Group SAM (Société Anonyme Monégasque). The organisation is divided in couple different ... more »

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This is actually a misconception. Sure, there is no income tax for residents of Monaco. But private companies in Monaco pay hefty taxes on their profits, if more than 25% of the income comes outside of Monaco (the tax rate is 33.3% of the profits made) ... more »

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He is very loyal to Sidi. I believe since the 80cc class. He only run Gaerne back in his first GP days (2002/2003) when he was riding for Martin/Tiscali Honda, but that was a team deal.

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SIXTYTWO Motosport announced their riders for next season: Jonathan Bengtsson and Filip Olsson

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There is a thing called hydrophobic coating. Wouldn't eliminate everything, but it would help with a good portion of the raindrops..

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Nope. They aren't related.

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Still not official, from the early reports it seems that Jacobi has torn or even broken some ligaments in the right knee. Febvre - possibility of a broken femur.

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Matterley Basin is one of those tracks, I've got my money on Gajser for the next round..

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The KTM factory teams use carbon engine mounts made by Akrapovic (alongside with some other carbon goodies like skidplates, chainguides..etc.) These products are only made for them and not for public sale..

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Have a cr125 rebuild going on, the reed valve would be just sweet.. smile

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I like your idea, I would just put a black stripe between the two yellow parts.. Here is my render:

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Here is a sick video from 2016, when Durham an Bereman raced it..

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Bambam and Ryan Gosling..

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