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So no one "in the know" will comment/confirm/deny? I get that it seems silly and irrelevant but PC shit just bugs me and I really want to know where this came from! Now they are changing the name of ski resorts!!

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Perfect condition! Straight never crashed or bent. 5DH-21190-00-P0 Fits 1999 and older 125 and 250 No longer available from Yamaha! $100.00 OBO

... more »

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I need to replace the two roller bearings that the actuator arm rotates on. How does one remove the old ones and how do you install the new ones? Thanks!!!!!

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Listened to his podcast and he said he wants the job! Love Roger but he's probably over it at this point. Maybe a fresh approach could yield better results. Obviously the fact that he is not a US born American (he is a citizen) shouldn't matter as neither ... more »

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Thanks for the responses!! The one I saw was definitely Watkins. (I recognize the cemetery!) Looks like a really fun place! IMI Motorsports looks awesome...planning a trip to moto in CO someday!

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I was flying into Denver from California the other day and saw what looked like a really nice, multi-track moto playground visible as we came in from the west. It seemed to be next to a cemetery. Anybody know what it's called and how to get there? Is ... more »

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RedBud fans rock!! USA! USA!

Gotta love live TV and alcohol!

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Thanks for the help, we have taken the subframe off and sprayed some carb cleaner directly into the intake. Still won't start, we don't have a leak down tester so we will have to try and rent one from autozone or something. The pilot jet was completely ... more »

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Hi Guys, I am having an issue starting my 2009 YZ 250F. What I have checked so far: -Gas was completely drained out of the carb and tank, refilled with gas from yesterday -Pulled the float bowl off of the carb, cleaned main, pilot and the jet in the ... more »

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Chad seems to be on this list a few times... My favorite...

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Not really bar dragin'...but still a cool picture!

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Picked up mine today...really sweet! Comes in a cool storage bag too. Thanks for a great product!

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Just ordered one from my dealer here in San Diego! It's shipping from a PU warehouse in NV. Should have it next week! Awesome idea! Can't wait to use it! Gonna be perfect for changing the oil on my KTM as you have to lay it down to fill the oil filter ... more »

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"Olympic" scoring system? What event in the Olympics uses two motos? Or even two of anything that would be scored similar to moto? Any Olympic event that has two "heats" (i.e. Slalom skiing) uses combined time to determine the winner.

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It's also a lot easier to get a wet 2 stroke fired up again! I'd hate to think what it would take to get all the water out of the top end of a four stroke! Anybody that's ever ridden a stand up Jet Ski can relate....

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I believe there were two KDub covers very two months ago?

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Glen Helen...don't remember the year. These were my wallpaper for quite awhile. Sick!! ... more »
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I called the Yamaha dealer where I usually buy tickets and they said they are not selling tickets this year. At forty bucks a pop times 3 for me and mine($120.00...yikes!) I'd prefer not to hand over another 10 bucks in service fees! Are tickets purchased ... more »

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Riding with your kids is awesome! Wait till she passes you....humbling and proud at the same time! ... more »
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My favorite!