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Where is the 2 stroke?

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It looks like a mini bike track. You need to make it wider and not so confusing in the jump areas. Flow looks pretty good. Maybe send the novice class out first to make lines that don't make sense.

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No question, 125 all day long. Put rings in it twice a year and have fun. Literally takes 1 hour to do for $110.

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I like to hear Americans in the booth. RC has stepped up his game and Ralph has an annoying voice, but he knows the sport. YMMV

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A very cool dad. Mine is the same.

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I have a prediction. You will do fine because you have the vision. Make it happen!

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Off the subject but my brother was short at about that age and the Dr. gave him HGH and now he is 6'2". On topic, a 100 or 125 cc 2 stroke and maybe do a link and cut the subframe down like RC.

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Stock Suzuki grips.

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1979 Yamaha DG kit YZ80F

Very nice. I had a 1976 YZ80C when it first came out. It was like cheating.

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Suzukis should all come with yellow rims from the factory. Not gold, yellow.

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KLX 110 used, learn how to ride and sell and get most of your money back. Then a 125.

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Only way I am doing that is if is a bad accident. These kids are crazy but so talented.

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Anderson FTW. Screenshot it.

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This is why I am the only one riding my track on my land. Their insurance company will sue whether they want it or not.

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Started racing in 1974 on a SL70.

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Great news.

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Part time JGR announcement incoming..

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Freddy Noren.

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Mod 2005+ RM125. 37RWHP and fun to ride and it turns AMAZING and the Showa suspension is plush. The inside line is usually the fastest. Definitely need to rev it. It is the bike I ride the most because it is the most fun.