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What flavor KoolAid was it? This hoax has busted. Maybe turn off your ScaryVision.. I literally trade stocks with a MD that has CANCER. He caught it during a treatment and said it was no worse than the flu.

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That is not a demo bike. That is a new bike. Well done!

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It wood be a cool build with a new 450 engine.

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What happened? Heat?

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Facts as we know them. 1. He is not going to be the Champ. 2. This is his last year racing. 3. He would gain a lot of respect and it would be very memorable if he did decent in a main and he would gain many new fans on his way out. Just hearing him on ... more »

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Go look at it and picture a bunch of retards riding it at the local track doing a demo on the rev limiter or a pro racing it for a season. I would pay a little more and get a new bike for a 4 stroke. Your old RM250 that you joke about is probably a better ... more »

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Add 1 to the front.

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Did your neighbor piss you off? Are you going to do some 3 AM panic revs towards his house? Asking for a friend. T.friend

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People remember special events as kids, not days or hours. Make the day special and it creates a special memory 75% of the time. This was a good move.

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This gives me heart palpitations just to watch. You can really hear the revs build when in a turn on the side of the tires. No room for a mistake on this track..

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Lake Whitney, Rio Bravo, Cycle Ranch in that order. Texas World Speedway for the RR.

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Martin Davalos. I remember he had a front tooth knocked out by roost at 1 race.

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>>>"This bike looks good. "<<< If you are trying to get hurt. Worst Honda ever..

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Power wash it without hitting the bearings and coat it in WD 40.

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05 RMZ450, RM250 and RM125 and 1976 YZ80C. 1981 RM125 is in there too. Worst was 2000 YZF426.

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It looks like my shed door that I repaired. I bet you can tell when it is going to rain?

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Wow. You guys have this down. Question: What is the best way to keep everything clean or to clean it after not being used for a while?

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Scrub it and get the back tire on the ground producing acceleration. Some track owners are clueless so it might not be you. Don't break your body because it is the only one you get..

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Had one since they first came out. Lost it off of the ZX10 at who knows what speed. Bought a newer one and the picture does not seem as good. Sounds like the 8 is the ticket so I guess an upgrade is due. I think recording your rides are important because ... more »