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Wow Honda has 4 riders - Smart tops ? Any other Honda teams.
How many does KTM/Husky/Gasgas have ?
Honda you get out what you put in. Austria have been on full on marketing attack and they will win and keep the high ground ...

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How can they run quads in the same race ? Not very clever

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Those Alpine stars visors are none adjustable ( Well you adjust the whole helmet) . Would not a flexible visor suffice ? Will not comprise your race if firmly fixed and will flex when crashing. Every other race the Fox magnets would force you to do a ... more »

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What happened ? The Godfather look ...

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It is called cross jumping. Everyone knows it is a dangerous no no !

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Yeah Dungey was a mole for Roger.

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This post made me look at this again. IMO - ET did not attempt to T bone or hit BB in anyway like Moosecan did. In fact all other riders railed the berm but BB did an almost square pivot and ET and BB racing lines came together. Unfortunate for both ... more »

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Webb has psyched him out !

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Ferrandis thinks he has to T bone everyone ! WTF is his problem ? He lost soooo much time trying to T-Bone everyone had he just ridden faster and passed cleanly he would have gotten to the front easier and faster and pull a bigger lead. He is fast enough ... more »

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They noticed that most of the riders in the Dakar 2020 all wore Tech 10's.

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Great interview. Thanks for bringing this to us. Maybe you guys can throw in some more off-road/enduro stuff to the site. I’d love that!

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Having RC in the booth is a disservice to RC - RC was know as the GOAT - Now he is know as they guy that should not be a presenter. His image would have been better if he never took up presenting !

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That is soooo hard to fix ...

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He tried to block pass Jett on the face of a triple ! Jett cased that jump but it could have been much worse. Who does that ??? POS. Who here wants to ride with any body that would attempt a cross over block maneuver on the face of any big jump ! Right ... more »

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Congratulation Ricky JCR and Honda - Good job well played !

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From the guy coming back from serious injuries talk about safety issues.. How dare he ! Right ?

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Agree ^^ - All he need to do was continue on the course as laid out. To think he can just turn and cut the track ? WTF?

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Agreed ^^^ and facing in the correct direction !!!! He just needed to continue on track as per the correct direction of the track.

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He was only facing the wrong direction because he swung the bike around so that it faced the wrong direction ! It was in fact facing in the right direction all he needed to do was to continue in the direction it was facing ie the right direction ! With ... more »

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Wait for penalty to show - Ricky Brabec is the leader after day 1