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Yes, Kellerstrass has a fuel distribution dock in Ogden. It's on 2550 South about 1600 West. They have most of your favorite flavors, and various quantities to suit your needs. Enjoy!

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Before I purchased mine, I rented a brand new Polaris XP4 1000 and the Can Am Sport Max 1000r. I didn't want or need a turbo either. My desire was for a good trail machine that could do pretty much anything, didn't need a farm implement or need to haul ... more »

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I don't ride Moto, but I do ride out in the desert. The revving is addictive! 2nd/3rd gear pulls in between cedar trees on some of the trails are insane. I love being in 2nd gear and revving the piss out of the thing and it just keeps pulling, also in ... more »

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I recently picked up a "Frankenstein" 2017 Husky FE 350. It has AER forks, shock, ecu, intake and exhaust from an FC with the FE transmission and stator. It is plated which is very useful for me and my uses (trail, desert, modest dual sport). It came ... more »

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As many have mentioned, getting around after you arrive somewhere with a MH can be a challenge. I usually throw my scooter in the trailer if I think it will be needed. One other thing we have done rent a car at an off airport location near where I'm ... more »

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I had a 25ft Class C with a Ford V-10 chassis for about 15 years. It ran great and towed well. As I got older I realized having a made up bed and a bit more room was more important to me than the ease of use and manueverability of the smaller Class C. ... more »

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I run a tax practice off of an ASUS, 17" it has a hybrid drive system. SSD for startup and apps then a HDD for storage, I had run Toshiba's for years, but I have been swayed. It is actually a high end gaming system that doesn't have all the graphics ... more »

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Before I bought one, we rented a 2019 Polaris 1000 4 seater and a 2019 Maverick Sport Max (4 seat) both non-turbo, for a full day each. We rode them around Southern Utah (Sand Hollow, where you see a lot of video's and up to Toquerville Falls) so a good ... more »

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FlaNard, posts like yours really put the world in perspective. Thank you so much for sharing this very trying time with us and giving us a reason to come together as the awesome group we all know the Moto community to be. He is in some of the best hands ... more »

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Mine actually shows that it is in the USPS system, from Australia Post, but it is supposed to be "International Express". I was just curious, as it has been over a month since it was shipped. Thanks for the response.

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Brent, did you just order the graphics or the plastic too? My order shows sitting in Australia since Apr. 23rd. No updates, no movement just hanging out in Australia. I did order the plastic and had it mounted. That bike looks great!

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This is interesting, I usually get stuff the next day if I order by 2 pm. When I placed a recent order on May 6th, it said delivery by May 20th.......didn't need it urgently and wasn't going by there anytime soon. Got a shipping update, it will be here ... more »

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I ordered new plastics and graphics on January 7, it was shipped last week. They informed me that they were out of stock on the plastic and didn't expect it until March 15th. They have been very good about responding to my questions and I look forward ... more »

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I have a 2014 Moto Guzzi Stelvio. It's a 1200cc good time. I've taken it through Laguna Diablo and from Bay of LA to San Francisquito back to Hwy 1 through El Arco. It's way better as a touring bike than it has any business being.

They stopped ... more »
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Thanks Maverick, already tried that.

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Trying to watch on my pc, it is just initializing..........for 23 minutes so far.....

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Sorry about your loss Big Maico and all the others chiming in. I had to put Bruno (145 lb, Newfy) down, the Saturday after Thanksgiving. He was 9, which is pretty typical for the larger breeds. He was a big sweetie, my grandkids treated him like a bear ... more »

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I did a Baja ride with Chris Haines tour group last December. Shane rode sweep for us.....he gave us a "demonstration" through some 3 ft whoops on a basically stock 2006 CRF 450X. HOLY SHIT!!! We sat around at night and he would share stories with us, ... more »

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I can't believe no one else noticed the Trail 70 in the background! You guys are slackin!

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I thought I saw one on Joey Crown's helmet. Could have been someone else, but there was something with the telltale blue light on it. Can't see what Mav is posting up, but maybe that's it.