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Hey jeffro, I have the race recorded but haven't been able to have my tv time yet (daughter wins that battle I'll admit it) lol. I'll watch tonight but my question is when did this crash happen? During the race or as he was rolling the finish after the ... more »

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I was thinking the same, that GH would be awesome next year and it most likely will be. But the one I'm shooting for is a Euro mxdn, the ones in the US (I've never been so those who have correct me if I'm wrong) would be Americanized and like going to ... more »

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Wicked awesome video! Thanks for sharing that, I might watch it again

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Lots of cool stuff. Must be so rad to have custom mxon astars with your name on them! Ferris' lid is pretty ill, my favorite so far. Tonus' lid is nice too, simple, like henry Jacob's.Black and yellow always look good tho

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I dont always whip, but when I do I throw a little nae nae in there with it

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Exactly what I was going to say. I think France and Netherlands will be right there if he does get into trouble. Little bit of a crap shoot this year which makes it a little more exciting for everyone

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Would be awesome to see him back in the states. I remember that YOT team, Andrew McFarlane #124 R.I.P was his teammate. I will never forget the day at Southwick, he was at Honda at this point and killing it that day. Leading with maybe 6 corners to go ... more »

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Gotta be pretty tired to pass up going to see Bob red rocks! Getting run down by the man himself, good stuff

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I know, I was kidding too. I had to throw in the " to mama" type joke but mother's can be a sensitive subject so I went with the ol' lady, nobody cares if you joke about them lol

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I think it might have been. So many great riders and all were on it that night too, well, then there was RV and Dungey showing some rare form in the last corner!

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Awww c'mon bro, you still mad because he served your ol' lady "the holeshot" , that dont make him a waiter !!

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Lmao the "yea ,no" kills me. Doesn't get any better than that. Good call on that one

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Hey Christophe, I've been a fan since your PC days and my 9yr old daughter (whos birthday was yesterday) has followed. When I told her you were doing Q&A she wanted to ask a few questions so here they are in her words- 1. What tracks do you practice

... more »
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I think he was talking track wise he won't have an advantage, which I agree. He didn't say anything about any other advantages he will or will not have

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And some are pretty damn scrawny. Look at AC, he was probably lucky to break 100lbs. Still probably not even 150 lol. Thing it that's a tuff age to go by weight, and weight doesn't dictate wether they can handle the bike or not

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Only if you think it is, otherwise it's just another number. I'd run it. I think anything you believe to be lucky or unlucky is just that. Doesn't matter what other people think Didn't Heath Voss run 13? Or was it 15?

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I know around here (Boston) they never have auctions. If they do then they certainly aren't public. If anyone knows how to find them I'd love to know

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87 Ford ranger in the pic I posted. Looks similar
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Here's your chance!

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Sounds like he wadded up pretty good. Glad the backboard was just precaution and not anything like back or neck