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New thread Sydney Bench Racing and Beers 9/11/2017 3:28 PM

If there are any Sydney Aus members that wanna grab a pint or 10, I will be there in about 10 hours, which I believe is Tues 12 Sept early evening, your time. Lemme know if anyone wants to get together with a Yank MX brother.

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New thread Osborne v. Davalos 7/1/2017 11:11 AM

Does anyone else find it weird that Marty D gets so much shit for staying in the 250 class so long, but Zacho gets a pass? ZO16 turned pro with a factory KTM ride a year BEFORE Dungey's first full season. Just some food for convo, as he leads the 250 ... more »

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New thread Sorry, Haters! 5/6/2017 10:15 PM

If you somehow equate FIFTY TWO straight main events with not only being ridiculously consistent, buy also fast, you're no fan of moto and should wear a pin to your safe space! Dungey is pure class and talent! Sorry, haters!

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New thread Why RV is a Class Act 2/16/2017 11:16 PM

I've said it a bunch, but this dude gave/gives Dungey more credit than people really understand! Class act and one of the greats! Screenshot from RV's IG feed tonight. For those unsure why I posted this, RD beat RV on this night in Minneapolis in

... more »

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New thread Zach Osborne's Baker's Factory Build 1/18/2017 2:02 PM

Zacho looking slim and trim! Remember when Ping called him "Snack

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New thread REED! 11/12/2016 9:02 AM

Wow, that is all! Great ride, Reedy...

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New thread Austin Forkner's New # 9/23/2016 11:49 PM

So AF has gone from 214 to 24 for 2017. What do you guys think? I say that "1" makes a comeback on his number plates at some point....most likely by itself though?

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New thread Seely on the '17 CRF450 9/12/2016 10:52 PM

Not sure if this has been circulated already, but Seely is testing his new SX

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New thread MX Boots 9/11/2016 9:30 AM

Everyone (okay, a small, vocal, minority probably?) seems all bent that J-Mart is rocking A-Star Tech 8s, vice Tech 10s? Personally, I have a cpl pairs of both and the 8s always fit me better, but the 10s are a tad lighter. Just got some Tech 8 lights, ... more »

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New thread The Place For OBJECTIVE MX / MXGP 9/4/2016 12:41 PM

Hey guys, just wanted to see how long we could keep a thread objective, on track and not personal? I am a sarcastic feller (sorry RichardLoots, all in good fun), but let's keep this within the realm of realistic. Throw out some of your own, objective ... more »

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New thread First Ride In Hawaii 8/27/2016 10:12 PM

Finally got the wife and new baby (6 weeks old) out to the Kahuku MX track today on Oahu. We moved here in June and our stuff (bikes, furniture, truck) arrived the weekend of 9 July and kid was born 15 July. Getting out there in just over a month seems ... more »

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New thread My Avatar Seems Prophetic Now... 8/19/2016 4:39 PM

I just glanced at my avatar the other day and couldn't help but think it looks like Jeremy Martin giving his ol' Star Yammie the Peace Out! I know it was meant as a Deegan 97' re-enactment, at the Ironman in 2015 after he clinched his second title, but ... more »

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New thread Stock vs Mod? 8/8/2016 11:55 AM

I have read a lot of posts, as well as interviews with different riders over the years, and it got me to thinking: What really constitutes a "Mod" bike vs a stocker? I know what the rules at Lorettas say, and I have my opinions on the matter, but interested ... more »

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New thread Spoke with my wallet.... 7/21/2016 4:30 PM

So, in the spirit of sharing our new scores here, I present to you my latest toy. KTM Revelator carbon roadbike. I am a KTM cycling ambassador and this thing is pretty sweet! I had a great bike with nice wheels and Dura Ace Groupo, so the fact that they

... more »

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New thread MX Trainers and South Africa? 7/9/2016 10:44 AM

Is there any specific reason why there seems to be so many MX Trainers, and good ones at that, from SA? Aldon, Swanie, Rattray, Johnny Louch, and please add any I've missed. Work ethic, their environment, coincidence, the water?

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New thread 14-16 YZF 450 PCR T-6 Slip-on 5/19/2016 6:08 PM

14-16 YZ450f PCR T-6 slip-on muffler. Like new, less than 6 hrs, never crashed on. Yes, I'll clean it off and it looks brand new. $275 shipped in CONUS.

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New thread Kids/youth MX gear 5/19/2016 5:25 PM

I have a bag of kids/youth (sz 28 and down) gear I'd like to see go to a good home. Matching sets of TLD/Fox/NoFear/One/ONeal gear and several gloves and an O'Neal gear bag. Also have some AStar tech 3's brand new, my kid literally wore them around at ... more »

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New thread Villopoto's Thoughts on SX 16' 5/19/2016 1:20 PM Pretty good, candid read by RV2. Man if his fans respected RD5 as much as he did/does there wouldn't be anything to talk about on here

Hell, he even admitted ... more »

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New thread Cooper's latest... 5/17/2016 6:09 PM

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New thread MN, an SX/MX hotbed? 4/4/2016 9:20 AM

So with the success of RD and J-Mart recently, let's name other past, present and future riders from this obvious hotbed of SX/MX talent (yes, that is sarcasm), but really, for a place that is wintry and not ideal for MX, they are pumping out the talent ... more »

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