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Reply to AMart Holeshots again! 2/2/2020 12:14 PM

I agree, for a privateer, it's a terrible choice!

Reply to AMart Holeshots again! 2/2/2020 5:47 AM

Good work, while you're at it, what was the percentage of zooks in those races? Currently, A-Mart is currently the only one...

Reply to Way to go Webb 2/2/2020 5:43 AM

Probably because he's always been an arrogant, lil

Reply to Prado USA 6/10/2019 2:11 PM

Yeah, Jeff Stanton...

Reply to Best sand race in the cont. U.S. 1/31/2019 7:17 PM

Scheduled for April 14th this year. Hopefully the weather cooperates! Check out AMA District 23 MX page for info.

Reply to Roczen 1/27/2019 9:23 AM

I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the mental toll the serious spinal chord injuries to his trainer/brother in-law/close friend, may be having on him. Blake Savage was injured riding with KR a few weeks ago. I say it is a factor?

Reply to Glendale SX - Night Show Bench Racing 1/13/2019 6:43 AM

So you didn't watch much RC then? He had a "thing" for wearing Orange gear for awhile. And....he was #4, but you may actually know that

Reply to Supercross Rewind Chad Reed & Ricky Carmichael 1/6/2019 2:54 AM

You mean Ping, right? David Pingree is the one that made his KTM 125 a pair of unicycles!

Reply to Deegan finds Stewart, Pulp left speechless 11/19/2018 12:19 PM

Umm yeah, that isn't where he lives. He bought a huge lake home in Orlando years ago. His parents live there though. Are you always expected to be at your parent's house?

Reply to Any Vital Members in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa ? 10/24/2018 1:47 PM

I'm in Farmington now, moved here in May after retiring from USMC. Family is in southern MN.

Reply to Red Bull Straight Rhythm - Race Discussion 10/20/2018 8:06 PM

Guess Villo can still handle "the pressure", huh Jordan Smith?

Reply to Red Bull Straight Rhythm - Race Discussion 10/20/2018 7:41 PM

Bachelor party trip, getting married next weekend.

Reply to Eli Shares His Thoughts on Fixing the Outcome of a Race 10/14/2018 5:40 AM

Dungey gained 3 pts passing Marv and won the title by 4....

Reply to AC92 stays with PC for his first couple years on a 450? 9/24/2018 1:25 PM

Not fixed. Henry, not Larocco, was 93 125 MX champ as well... Actually, there are more errors, and it is likely due to the fact there were 3 titles available per year. Bayle was 91 SX, 250 and 500MX. Kiedrowski won 125 MX again that year.

Reply to What is the deal with MXA? 8/30/2018 9:49 PM

Actually, Matt Walker originally coined the nickname “GOAT” for RC. Relax, bro, and eat a snickers. You’re a diva when you’re triggered.

Reply to Awesome F-15 low flyby at Washougal 7/31/2018 8:50 AM

Trust me, the entire DOD is short pilots, as are the airlines. I am one and the crazy bonuses aren’t fixing the problem either, airline life looks too good to stay flying mil air for many. Last tally had the USAF almost 1500 pilots short. Think what ... more »

Reply to US MXoN Team now? 6/6/2018 10:50 AM

Almost certain to be JMart if he's healthy, dude rips there. ET, obvi choice. Webb will be back, BB4, Barcia, JA21 all possible open (MX3) options.

Reply to Villopoto Practise Bike $20000 + tax 6/6/2018 10:43 AM

That suspension is around 10k alone with the more expensive turquoise coating.

Reply to Tickle riding a KTM/Preping for nationals? 5/15/2018 8:58 AM