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This is the coolest video in years!
Watched the original a thousand times and still have it.
Enjoyed every second with the original music, well done Kenny!
Cheers from Erfurt... wink

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I've had an 01 CR, some RMs and YZs and now a 13 SX. All new and stock at first, later I modified every bike to suit my needs. I also rode about every twostroke made at one point, including the CR you mentioned. There is nothing that comes close to my

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So true... Next time everyone cries about the "I want to thank Monster, Dunlop, the Lord, my whatever..." speeches! Stupid Vitards haha And if you guys have ever raced, you know how a bad setting can affect your performance. But wait, you don't race ... more »

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Love it! Cheers from Germany, can't believe he's on a stock pipe and silencer! All my friends love that guy

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Juist watched the Searke vid, what a mess of an one lined track! Hardpack and to much water just don't mix, as everyone could see from the T-thal videos. One lined doesn't account for good fights for positions either...

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I've had a YZ and now a KTM. The KTM ist superior in handling, engine, parts, reliability. All of my friends had to redo the gears on the YZ, me included. Never was a KTM guy, but I wouldn't buy a YZ when I can get a SX. As far as suspension goes, I ... more »

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Please let us know what N-Style said, love those graphics!

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Sorry, doesn't work in Germany

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Does anyone have a working link?

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Thanks god a carb! Don't need a heavy and expensive FI instead of messing with a jet or needle. But did someone notice the strange float bowl? Definitly not looking like the standard Keihin...

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My 99 KX250 with steel frame had about 15 hairline cracks, I welded the important ons.. A friends 99 KX250 had almost 40, even on areas where you would think isn't that much stress on the frame. Happens on every bike, my worst was said KX. But no triple ... more »

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Webb really almost cried haha Then talks shit about putting a guy down and teach him lessons. What a clown! Got beat straight up,should first grow a little to be a man and teach someone something, like class....

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You should better stick to playing with your barbie girls!

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Totally agree with you! Best words in a long time regarding that topic including the RCH thread. I would even put a 5 year old in that post, 12 year old guys are much more mature than that! And I'm from Germany, live an hour away from his home and always ... more »

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Definitly tough guy, hope everything is well! But looks like he just had a beer tent fight in Apolle haha

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Racing deal, that's what I agree on. But definitly dirty, when you check your elbow like that and admit it afterwards in the pulpmx interview. Everyone that's ever raced knows that you don't do that with your elbow unintentionally!

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-No seam on the thumb where you grip the bars -made for the almost fist-like position of the hand, so the material can't roll together when you grip a bar Great to ask the ones who use them! Thumbs up!

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Of course there may be more collarbone breaks then before, because the brace transfers the force. But I rather break my collarbone then my neck... @bv, I also believe that there are reports from Dr.s that give a brace some crap from people who sued the ... more »

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DC, did I really read from you that amphetamine is not performance enhancing??? This must be a joke.... I'm not a Stewie hater, but doping is doping! No TUE => doping Everyone knew the rules, and you've seen what happened to him after he couldn't ... more »

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MXA test was a joke honestly. Year after year they proclaimed the KTM the winner like said in the post above, now the KTM has way better suspension and the YZ wins haha. Interesting.... I have both bikes and know the difference, both are good. I definitly ... more »