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Improving at Motocross 0

Hi, I'm Tyson,

I've been riding dirt bikes for around 3 years now, but still consider myself a beginner/intermediate rider. I don't have much time to ride at all due to family issues and other stuff that relates to that. Anyways I have a bit of issues. I am not super confident with riding and the main thing that was holding me back was ruts and kickers. The new layout at the track wasn't fun but the main problem was ruts and kickers like I said. I didn't know if I needed to go in the rutty part or the part that sticks up on the jump. There were a ton of jumps that I didn't get any air because of all the ruts. And even after watching a ton of videos my cornering hasn't gotten any better. Every time I go to the track I improve so slow because of the little amount of times I can ride. (This will change over time because I'm currently dealing with a lot of family issues) I just want to be good to a point where I'm not so bad, case every jump, deathgripping the bike. It sucks I'm also worried about injuring myself Motocross is like the one thing I enjoy in life and not seeing myself improve that much and having a lot of issues like accidentally leaning back and almost wrecking a ton

(I copied and pasted that from a previous message on Discord so sorry for it looking so weird with the smaller font size)


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