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Stunning bike! Nice work!

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About time somebody exposes Hodges

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He only got 30th because his bike blew up 2nd moto. He was running top 7 or 8 I believe.

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Yeah he was recently the 2 stroke world champion, either 2017 or 2018. Beat guys like Zach Osborne, Tyler Bowers, Zach Bell, etc, etc.

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So damn cool, can’t wait to see the 800 on a 2 stroke!!!

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Congrats dude!! No better feeling than a brand new bike and you picked a great one.

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Congrats to Mitch for a great season. Very close to having 2 SX titles AND an MX title!

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The app sucks, has sucked all year

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Congrats, Champ! AC1

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People are quick to forget that he won Nashville SX this year.

Reply to Canadian Rockstar Energy Triple Crown Series | MX Tour | Round 8 - Walton Raceway, ON 8/17/2019 7:21 PM

It looked like Matt when over the fencing and hit Tony. Didn’t look like Tony was doing anything wrong. I could be incorrect but looks like an unfortunate racing incident.

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GDR Honda gonna wind up 1 and 2 in the championship today with Facciotti and Alessi. That’s pretty outstanding.

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Riders are out here begging for sponsors, yet treating them like garbage. I side with MotoStuff on this one. A small business sponsors 2 riders out of their own pocket, the riders don’t hold up their end of the deal but don’t return the parts that were ... more »

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This might actually be great news for the future of moto games. THQ Nordic recently acquired the licensing for the outdoor tracks and have already released Red Bud and a few others. Combine that with Milestone having the SX license and we have the potential ... more »

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They are now against the law in most states

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I think ML already said that there would be no news today, but closer to the fall, rather.