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I would have hated to be in either one of those guys boots at that moment, hopefully the injured rider is recovering well! However, I still crack up listening to the guy recording this video when Alessi is getting up and moving, "Alessi's like fuck this, ... more »

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Not gonna lie, it didn't get any better than this as far as being a spectator last year!! Show up a half hour before the race, no parking issues, no lines, etc. Glad everything is getting back to normal, but will definitely not miss the stadiums being ... more »

Added reply in a thread Tubliss experience==> 0 star rating 10/1/2021 11:10 AM

Switching to tubeliss was one of the best things I did!! Easy to install using armor all and so simple making tire swaps not worrying about pinching the tube and getting the bead lock in place. You need to watch more installation videos.

Added reply in a thread Tell Us About The Notable Races You Attended ? (With “Moto-Historical”Significance) 10/1/2021 8:09 AM

[b]Kenworthy's 1992 My first time attending a Pro MX race. It had rained all night and track was covered in standing water in many places. Remember Guy Cooper was first out in practice on his RM125 and just let that bike rip and jumped most everything ... more »

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Congrats on the new smoker, looks awesome!! However, they should have just copied KTM and had the seat bolt come up thru the underside of the fender and attach to the seat base like the 2013 150SX in your profile pic. Looks much cleaner and less of a ... more »

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That's exactly what I was thinking! Remembering how McGrath was using the 93 frame up to 96 before the aluminum frame...

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The inlaid side shrouds for a 2021 KTM 250SX is $93.00 for both shrouds at RMATVMC ($109.95msrp). Would definitely hope that was a wrong price for the Yamaha...

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That was exactly what I was thinking when I read the "one more time" comment!!" Many good days have been ruined from going out one last time, lol!!

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Thankfully RMATV and FedEx has consistently provided me awesome service and delivery!! It's when being shipped by USPS that delivery is ever delayed here.

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Interesting. I was wondering if that was the case when I saw the Indiana flag logo on the pants on the first page, wouldn't have expected that...

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Probably just best to focus on Mountain Bike riding and other things to keep you in shape for riding till the kids old enough to start taking him/her riding with you. A lot easier to load the bicycle and go get a 2-3hr workout in without all the maintenance ... more »

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I bought actual KTM brand from RMATVMC in 10mm. Enduro Engineering sells them as well and are stackable and I believe you can get the 15mm rise from them. Kris Keefer does a video on bar risers as well and recommends using them with lower bars to get ... more »

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Could always try 10/15mm bar spacers if you like the bend on there now?

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Definitely hope it wasn't too bad and will have mild symptoms! I got knocked out pretty good on a soil sample a few yrs ago, and was miserable for at least a month afterwards. Remember waking up the first night to go to the bathroom and couldn't walk ... more »

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Yeah, weather is definitely crap around here right now and most MX tracks probably won't be opening until late in March, early April if weather cooperates? Daniel Boone MX in Kentucky might be the best track for you if they get some decent weather for ... more »

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I Agree, but honestly, what can these stadiums do to make the laps longer?? The racers have gotten so damn fast and efficient at eliminating wasted time with scrubs and other riding techniques unlike in the past. Looks like 25-30+ lap mains are going ... more »

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I just ordered a set from Unabiker for my 300xc. Would have preferred a set of billet ones, but didn't really feel the need to spend that much money. The quality on the Unabiker set looked good.

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Got to watch that first hand at Red Bud when it happened!! Remember reading in a magazine in early 90's about him getting busted by the cops for riding in the hills around his house and was wondering how the hell that happened? Met him a few months later ... more »

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2013-2016 are the same model, so they bolt right up. Just go to RMATV or anywhere else that sells OEM parts and get the 2016 shrouds and side side panels. As for fenders, use whatever company you want, much cheaper than OEM.

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Other than suspension, I don't believe anything major? I picked up a 2013 this year and installed 2016 plastic which made it look so much better, IMO. The closed chamber forks in the 2013 are supposedly much better than what they installed in 14 and ... more »