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Jett was definitely fast, not arguing that. Sexton knew what he had to do to win the war not the battle. What TV didn't show people is how many sketchy moments that Jett had in the 3rd moto. He landed on the top of the Leap on lap 1 and almost ate S#@t. ... more »

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I was just there for Vet Fest, it said 70% chance of severe weather, hail, wind, .....nasty! We got a 10 minute SHOWER! If there is one thing I can tell you about Redbud, prepare for the worst. You never know. On that note, I was there for the 2016 MUDDER ... more »

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Saw him race at GPF last November, that kid has drive. I was impressed, hope the debut goes well

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You have a lot of posts since you joined Vital YESTERDAY! We have enough BS in mainstream media, why don't we talk about MOTO and leave out Politics. We have the MXON coming in a month, let's get behind the boys and show some USA support!

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There was a site for sale in the "bazaar" section of of Vital. Go check there and see if it's still available

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I agree with dirt bike mike, but consider this, Loretta's track is so unique that its really hard to set up for. Hard pack, sand sections, RUTS, outdoor jumps, supercross style sections. I'm not Buying or Selling, I remember when the Pros were there ... more »

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I love it! Keeps them on their toes. Run all the goodies and possibly get your "Factory " bike snapped up by a true amateur.

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I have been there, and it really messed me up for a couple of weeks. We worked on this individual for over an hour, his family was on the way from his hometown, and we all knew what they were going to deal with when they got to the track. Sad part was ... more »

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On the contrary, I like the fire Hunter showed. It shows he cares and how much work goes into racing at that pro level. Did he have to grab his chin bar? Can't be sure what was said, maybe he watches a lot of Hockey!

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You are correct, I forgot about that

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You mean like what Star did to Kawasaki (Tomac), and Kawasaki did to Rockstar Husky (Anderson), and ohhh, what Honda did to KTM to get Kenny? Makes sense

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Your Schrader valve is probably stuck. Make sure you're not putting a side load on it.

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So many injuries this SX season, and this one Kyle has suffered could have been much worse. Very thankful, he has his mobility and can heal from this.

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I really hope he's OK, there was a LOT of blood!

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What did we just watch happen to Deano?

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It's been sketchy getting Rockstar at your favorite Gas station/Store recently too. Sad

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Looking for a Tall Seat for 2016-18 KTM 350. Let me know what you have. Thanks in advance

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Didn't read this before I submitted mine. Exactly my point

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I get your point, and I agree with you, but we want to grow our sport and make it more professional. I took 2 NEW FANS to Detroit this weekend and they were absolutely blown away with the Opening Ceremony and all the action going on, asking questions ... more »

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It was just a shame what happened to Conner Webb and Charles Sexton at Detroit last night. PLEASE PUT DANIEL BLAIR in the booth!

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