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There are other forums?

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I built up a golfcart for running around at the track. Its a 1988 metal body EZGo 2 stroke. Before

During After I built the lift, bumpers, and rocker covers. Painted the body, powder-coated the red parts, new seat ... more »
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We need the guy in the Red hat to post!!!!!!!!!

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"We broke the internet" hahahaha

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IMO, DC is going to put the hammer down on the team and the Alessi clan. Its been a long time coming.

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Weird deal. Family turned down a big offer to help this kid out today.

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RIP Steve. I'm saddened by his passing....even more so that more people only knew him from his postings. Everything you ever read from him.....he was laughing before he hit submit. Great guy

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Prayers for a great man! Steve's online persona was nothing like the everyday man. He's one one of the good guys! Praying that my friend makes a recovery.

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Just another dirty move. Should be banned for a year

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Correct Answer! Also use this on the white plastic on cable holders, radiator plastic fins, and whatever else is plastic and yellowed.

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Maybe the Manufacture you work with was only 30 miles away..... Just maybe could add fuel to the still smoldering fire that there is a possible problem with the bike. Just saying

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Can Jimmy Johnson shop at Home Depot when he has a day off?

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Actually no it's not OK.

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My experience on the MX message boards over the years for the most part has been positive. The friends made across the country has also been positive. Everyone that I have meet in person (regardless of their online persona) are straight up good people. ... more »

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Nice! On the ceiling, put the foam insulation with colored peg board. Before putting up the peg board, hit eBay for a roll of bungee cord that fits in the holes. Lace that through the holes (like a tool truck snap-on ect.) you can do several rows at ... more »

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Please, Please, Please let the CRF250R for 2013 also be redesigned!