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Congrats on a new bike! She's a beauty!

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Are you going to use aftermarket triple clamps or the stock ones? If you're going with stock it would be a good idea to remove the casting flaws. I just recently did that on my RMZ rebuild and it looks really good.

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You might want to try out 3M Polyurethane Protective Tape. They use this stuff on wind turbine blades for protection, seems tough.

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Same thing I noticed. Have some faith, I'm pretty sure he still has some aces up his sleeve. Dont count Tony out just yet, give him at least 10% of the chances you all gave Stew...

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That's a good contrast between the guys that show up ready despite the circumstances and against all odds vs JS. Showing up completely unprepared to do your job just seems extremely unprofessional.

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X2 if Joey wanted to play agressive game he should have been ready to do it all, not just half of it. Anyway it gave us a great race to watch. Congratulations to Forkner, kid is amazing. Watching webb charging through the pack was way more interesting, ... more »

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Nice photos, double-O agent worthy smile
Looks like honda went back to their drawing boards and put in some real effort. Can't wait to see Ken ripping that thing. Hopefully he figures out the right setup fast, Tomac won't be waiting and Dungey will be hungry!

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Yep, while looking comfortable on a KX250 running 259 numberplates!

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Wow, way to be a disrespectful a-hole...

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Sweet bike!

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Bike looks great, enjoy it!

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I'm pretty sure you will find 2007 and 2006 AMA Nationals highlights on tpb. Definately worth checking out if you're familiar with torrents.

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27. I think you're right I noticed the same thing. People I meet at the track are mostly 40+ or 10-18. Not a lot of people in their twenties-thirties. I think it's because the 10-18y/o group is riding on their parents expense, and 40+ is situated well ... more »

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I'm with Kyle on this one. Your boyfriend WILL crash and get hurt from time to time but isn't that a risk anybody who gets up from his couch takes? Just make sure he won't be cheap on safety gear. Support him as he supports you, and if you want him to ... more »

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Such a competitive spirit... Way to go, good luck Ernie!!!

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Rode one of those once, it was perfectly restored and ran like a champ. It was really cool, biggest smile i eer had on a quadbike.

I did have a hard time trying to start this thing though...
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It's almost the same where I live. You still receive 80% of your wage every month even if you're unable to work. You just need to have your doc fill some papers stating that you need some time to heal up at home, so I guess you don't need to worry about

... more »
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That's quite a few parts! Could you share some info about approx cost of DLC coating those? Is it a swedish company that is going to do the work? ISF is the best finish that your gearbox can possibly get. Can't help with crankshaft question. Hopefully ... more »

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Hi Jack. It's never too late to start riding and/or racing. Get a bike, learn the basics and after some time (next year probably) you should be ready for some amateur racing. My advice: Don't rush it. In racing conditions you have to be comfortable on ... more »