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To reduce the effects and fatalities? Yes I do believe it is. What I’m surprised by is the amount of people and organizations pushing a narrative that the vaccine is some sort of cure. Not sure about the US but in Canada very few are clarifying this ... more »

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Judging by the downvotes I guess the truth hurts. Pretty easy to fact check that statement.

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Take all the shots you want, still not gonna stop you from getting it or giving it. Just helps you manage the virus better. It would be nice if governments would tell the general public the reality of the vaccines being dispensed and the fact that getting ... more »

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Lol no hurt feelings here man. The bike retails for $13,500 in Canada. Goes without saying you’re gonna pay tax and fees on top of that. I know guys that got smoking deals on the WE because they buy a lot of bikes from their dealers. $16k CDN is a whole ... more »

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Where’s Johnny?

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I found the 2.3 had less room between the chin bar/mouth piece than the 2.2. The 3 has a little more room there now. You can notice the extra weight on the 3. It’s not a huge amount extra but if you are used to a 2.2 you will feel it. If I were you I’d ... more »

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New ECE standard.

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The Ace is the Aviator 2.2.

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Who gives a flying fuck😂

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I’ve had a GF for 2 years now, she’s cool and knows how important it is. I made it very clear when we first met.

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Not sure what your point is.

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My soon to be ex wife hated my bikes. No doubt she had a not so nice name for them. She was always jealous that I had a hobby I loved and a social group around that hobby. Her hobby was drinking a couple bottles of wine a night. I think her and the guy ... more »

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Maybe you should step away from the keyboard and ride a Dirtbike. If SX gaming is your life it couldn’t hurt to take a hard look at some of the other great things life has to offer.

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Doesn’t work the same as it does on a spring fork as the Aer fork design has very good bottoming resistance. There was hardly any difference how much it moved for me over a 30psi spread. Start at a higher pressure and slowly go down to get the comfort ... more »

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Depends how it’s working that day. Sometimes it’s called you dirty whore, sometimes my sweet🥰

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People are gonna tell you numbers all over the place. I think in the owners manual it has a section that shows pressures for different weights. I’d try 120 to 125 psi and go from there.

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They are Riga Gomme tires from Italy. I’m curious to try a set but not sure where to buy them in my area. No dealers in Canada. The gummy is cheap. The intermediate front looks exactly like a Goldentyre GT216.

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Because that’s what it is.