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Who wouldn’t with those sexy cargo shorts and dirty T shirts😁

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That other thread was going so great before it got clipped.

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The rocket fuel passed😉

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It’s their right to protest. Doesn’t mean I don’t think it’s a douche move. I’m ok with the protest as it’s common in many sports and allowed in the rules. I do however have a new opinion about Star and their rider after all the BS they pulled. I was ... more »

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Reply to Airoh helmet sizing. 7/1/2020 3:25 PM

Pretty easy to order from Europe or Canada. Blackfoot carries them. I got mine from 24MX but for some reason I believe they do not ship to the US. I paid $260 USD plus $12 shipping for my Aviator 2.2 when the new 2.3’s came out .

Reply to Bobby Hewitt/Rockstar 7/1/2020 6:08 AM

Any large retail chain charges a slotting fee. Bigger company you are with deep pockets and you are going to get prime slots.

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Do not remove the foam.

Reply to HL 500 $12,000.00 6/30/2020 8:40 AM

I hear ya though. Something about laying down pretty dimes that look tidy and make you feel nice. Can’t say the factory welds on my frame look pretty but they do the trick.

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Welds don’t need to be pretty to be good.

Reply to In search of fox instinct le Ice blue boots 6/30/2020 6:19 AM

Try MxLocker.

Reply to Racetech WP spring conversion 6/30/2020 5:28 AM

There are tons of threads already on this, multiple in the last month. Please do a search and you will find tons of info and reviews.

Reply to No kickstarters on the new KTM/Husky XC lines 6/29/2020 9:23 AM

You can bump start.

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I wear a medium in Bell, Shoei, Suomy. Airoh Aviator 2.2 in medium fits me perfect. One of the best fitting helmets I have personally run. You can always run different cheek pads to customize fit. Small and medium run the same shell.

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This guy is a fucking idiot, why even humour him.

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That is a shit load! Good call on not taking it. If my Doc told me to take that dosage I’d be telling him he’s on drugs .

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What’s with the pic..

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You’re serious and not trolling?

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