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Yes it makes SOME difference but not all the difference. When a normal US national track laptime are around 2.30’s, clearing one jump a little better is not where all the time is made up. You still have like 2.29 seconds of rest of the track to go faster ... more »

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The best thing they could do would be the same thing Roczen did back in 2011? When he wraped up the mx2 gp title before the last race and then showed up on a 125 for the last race in italy. Cairoli should have done the same in mxgp on a sx250 but his ... more »

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This thread is just to much. Just accept that the US based riders dont have the edge on MX tracks right now. Dont blame Roger for that, or would the riders gain a couple of seconds in speed with MC as a team manager over a one weekend race?

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ALL about power and Jett still win motos? Tell me again how he can do that with your logic?. Is the starbikes faster? Yes.. can you win on a Honda? Yes. Were Ferrandis the better rider last year? Yes…

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J mart still pulled decent starts. It was not the bike that kept him from winning that championship. The 2021 HRC 250 is not as good as a star Yamaha engine either but Jett makes up for that with other qualitys, just as Stewart did on his 125 back in ... more »

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The 125 class dont seem to have the same weight in US as in europe. In US the kids run a super expensive super mini instead of running a 125. Just look at Deegan. He is more than tall/big enough for a 125 and still races super mini. Even that he have ... more »

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Same goes for the ”Moosecan” cunts..

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Did not look that great today either..

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Best of all, hearing US fans showing Ferrandis some respect again and not acting like cunts out there.

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Yes its a poor excuse when you look at all the ”he’s so mentaly tough” talk this winter. As it goes for the KTM’s in 3 different colors, it’s the riders, not the settings..

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The kid has raced nine times and you actually belives that it is the bike that holds him up? Look how fast Tomac and the other Suzuki amateurs went on those bikes back in the days. The RM 85 engine is quite good in stock form, its the frame flex and ... more »

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When did it shift from Tomac dont wanting to ride to Kawi dont supporting their guys? As i can recall the US media reported it like Tomac not wanting to ride a couple of years ago when all this started? Never saw anything about Kawi not letting him? ... more »

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Yes and No. No matter what class we talk about the top teams pour just as much money in to the engines. If we talking about restricing costs the only way to go is to ban some of the modifications.

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I really dont think that Mitch is keeping up with todays climate when we are talking about PC’s lack of titles the last years. Back when PC ruled the 125cc / lites class the PC bikes were far superior and all the best riders wanted to ride one. Now days ... more »

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We often see 250f laptimes that is faster than 450’s, there is nothing new about 450’s being to fast. 300-350cc would be the perfect happy medium.

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I just like it when Ken passes Webb like he is a lapped rider mid moto. Like he dont care that Webb is there and just goes around him and gap him with 3 seconds the first lap. I dont see the point of starting games with a rider that rolls in 40+ seconds ... more »

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The guys who blames his lack of speed on SX hungover, are you the same guys who brags about his mental strength during the winter? Just face it, he lacks speed. He have been getting great starts and then drops like a stone. With those starts and his ... more »

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KR by consistency. DF will win plenty of motos but i still think that he will make it hard on him self some motos and loose to much ground there.

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Yeah i choose to watch Roczens style over Everts any day. Everts looked effortless but some what boring to. Lawrence, Roczen, Sexton, Craig and Pourcel have the perfect mix on smoothness and modern day jumping with scrubs and whips.

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And to be stupid enough to think that ANY 450 lacks power. As fast as they are in stock trim i promise that the best guys (KR, AC and DF) could have ridden a stock engine today with just their choice of suspension and brakes and still been the fastest ... more »