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Is that all ya got? Lol

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Nice catch on the Hill "digger"!

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Funny, our riding area in the late 80's was littered with green plastic.

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Horsepower hill!

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Greedy f'n Criminals! Set 'em free!!

Added reply in a thread Gavin Trippe, the father of the Carlsbad USGP passes... 4/11/2020 3:24 PM

There is no doubt the impact of both On Any Sunday and those Carlsbad GPs for myself and my moto buds. I was excited and proud to introduce both to any that wanted to know more about our "crazy daredevil sport". Gavon Trippe and Wide World of Sports ... more »

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Age, hammered body for Pat

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I spent the weekend with the Villopoto's friends and family at Dan's memorial race last Labor day. Pat Richter was the fastest to come out of our neck of the woods and it was great getting the opportunity to share old stories and catching up with Ryan's ... more »

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I had a shitty start and a front row seat in 76 as Lackey, Shultz and Several other front runners disappeared into the crowd on this nasty start hill crest at the Prairie City Golden State Nationals. If I remember correctly Shu swapped out on touchdown

... more »
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Our Biker Gang aka Trinity Tailsters taking over the Bigfoot Days parade Labor Day Weekend '72. I'm on the Super Rat, just missing a roost opportunity!

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Rocket himself in the stars and stripes, pulling his usual holeshot on us in the 78 Golden State Nationals, 2nd moto Helvitia

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Nice spin, thanks for the invite!

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I also went right to open bikes at 15, so respect for that right grip became engraved in my riding style. Not a strong choice for any rider developing pro skill...but I've adapted back to both 250f and 125 with success. Yes the 450 can wear you out but ... more »

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I'll also say I'm parking the 125 to backup racer. I have little money into an 07 rmz450 that maybe has one moto on it. Original and almost as worn as coming off the ship...minus a few nipples missing from it sneakers "yet 13 yr tire" . Such a pleasant ... more »

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Bullshit, I'm 62 and it's my racer. But I'm more of a rider these days and that peashooter gives me no problem to get onto the gate and chase them in for some awesome site seeing

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Way back in the early 70's our club would enforce protective wrap/tape over any sharp points protruding from the motorcycle. Chain adjusters, axle cutter pins taped fat, broken off levers not allowed. Of course this was Flat track, TT and the moto guys ... more »

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In 1952 Nick Nicholson swept both the 250 and 500 classes on his BSA's ...back when Men had to Man-Up ...just to carry the trophy

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On a snow ride my back in '74 my CZ400 throttle stuck pinned. After trying the kill button, I put her in 4th and jumped on it only to gave the beast launch out from underneath me up the side embankment and fortunately back at me so I could round heal ... more »

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How the hell will the state pay for for itself when its productive population have fled with mostly leeches left? Is bankruptcy and federal lawsuits the end game, or are we really banking on that new ocean view to clean it all up?

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I've suffered for 45+ years with arthritis. Anti-Inflammatories have beat up my internals, now detuning my immune system is the medical community's answer for this 60+ yr moto kid. I dont like their response and co$t and have sought out alternatives. ... more »