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It's funny, I can look at my year books from high school (if I knew where they were boxed) and not be able to name most that my father or sisters would name...yet I only had a slight pause on the Burner's. I guess that tells what text books I studied. ... more »

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Maybe the team, ET, AC has a little more on the ball then the rest of the moto industry and the roost thrown around here. But as many of you have pointed out AC sat out some SX and ET finally brought it home. Now the Green Meanies are in position to ... more »

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This is certainly one of the things that should come out of any moto head's mouth if he had the mic. WTF Weege, Grant?!?

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I popped several ligaments off their wrist for screws to anchor and a pin to align. Required 6 weeks casted but once out I wanted it back on! Endured months of therapy, its ridiculous how much mobility and strength you lose. It's not ... more »

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In case he's not back at ya promptly just know Watson777 had a brutal fire storm lay waste to his town over the last 24hrs. Hope you've weathered it all D!

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Both those class leaders are rock solid and know what they need to do to take it home as they fend off those faster wheels that are in pursuit. Race craft, attitude and never say die gets 'r done... add in their great programs, equipment and the speed ... more »

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...don't think Justin would want it back.

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The Killer and I were both pulled off the Consi starting grid at the '78 Hangtown for not completing our qualifying moto...sucked. Wienert went on to win the Consi...after he had left me busted 2 turns from the finish in that qualifier. I guess that's ... more »

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Is that all ya got? Lol

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Nice catch on the Hill "digger"!

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Funny, our riding area in the late 80's was littered with green plastic.

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Horsepower hill!

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There is no doubt the impact of both On Any Sunday and those Carlsbad GPs for myself and my moto buds. I was excited and proud to introduce both to any that wanted to know more about our "crazy daredevil sport". Gavon Trippe and Wide World of Sports ... more »

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Age, hammered body for Pat

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I spent the weekend with the Villopoto's friends and family at Dan's memorial race last Labor day. Pat Richter was the fastest to come out of our neck of the woods and it was great getting the opportunity to share old stories and catching up with Ryan's ... more »

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I had a shitty start and a front row seat in 76 as Lackey, Shultz and Several other front runners disappeared into the crowd on this nasty start hill crest at the Prairie City Golden State Nationals. If I remember correctly Shu swapped out on touchdown

... more »
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Our Biker Gang aka Trinity Tailsters taking over the Bigfoot Days parade Labor Day Weekend '72. I'm on the Super Rat, just missing a roost opportunity!

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Rocket himself in the stars and stripes, pulling his usual holeshot on us in the 78 Golden State Nationals, 2nd moto Helvitia

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Nice spin, thanks for the invite!