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Leigh is a true professional and is able to make Ricky better just by being in the booth with him. He always sets RC up with softballs to get him going, and it turns out RC actually does have a lot of useful insight that's sometimes lost to the hiccups. ... more »

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The game has strong potential to be good in a month or 2 if they put out significant patches. Riding in traffic is impossible, my game slows to single digit FPS on a ps4 pro. Frame rate issues seem to improve if you get a 2-3 second lead. But if it has ... more »

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I’m getting frame rate drops to 8-10FPS on a PS4 Pro. Absolutely unacceptable. Trying to play this game off the start and in first lap traffic is like watching a flip book animation.

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Uhhh, it's gonna be 2021

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WRX is the loser who crashed the forum and made it disappear. I know RonRon and Odeezie worked really hard building everything back. Last I saw unfortunately it seemed the new site had disappeared as well. I still see Case almost daily on Facebook, he ... more »

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Why waste the money on a yearly premium when you can just beg online instead? Big brain move.

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The anecdotes are just painful and never have any payoff. " I was walking my dog and lost my drivers license, then I get a phone call from Davalos and he says hey I found your drivers license, haha, so, if it weren't for him, I wouldn't have a drivers ... more »

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Id keep an eye on that tire rub on your frame.....

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Why would you want to pick up a game and be good at it right out of the box? People like you amaze me.

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Lol "I don't drink that poison, I only use a splash to flavor the other poison I happily slug down"

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Definitely private, and definitely not something that gets ridden much. I can't think of a worse place to try to ride a dirtbike than around here. The main line isn't welcoming to noise or any sort of disturbances lol. EDIT: Looks like the one track ... more »

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It was just painful all around imo. The announcing has been pretty bad even before he got in the booth with them.

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This game is absolutely fantastic. It is better than all previous games in every single way. First few races you WILL be bad. You WILL get frustrated. You will keep trying to play it like SX2 until you understand the mechanics of the game. The different ... more »

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I find it hard to believe that Ralph is more expensive than Leigh Diffey. Leigh is a top-level motorsports guy, doing Indy and F1 (when it was on nbc for a few years). I am much more inclined to believe they brought him in to give his input on how to ... more »

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I know exactly what you're talking about, I was laughing so hard as osbourne and his bike are catapulting towards him and he just casually raises the flag totally unbothered

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I kinda do though, since the live broadcast managed to miss nearly every important pass in the mains.

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This guy gets it. Well said MyersAvionics

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THC is only banned "in competition" meaning there can only be a certain amount present when you're actually racing, but what you do during the week is up to you. This is now the same in olympic weightlifting. THC is prohibited while you're actually in ... more »

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I think a solid understanding of the English language is a pretty important prerequisite for a professional talking job. But hey, that's just me. I watched with a non-moto friend Saturday and he couldn't believe that Ricky was actually the announcer. ... more »