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You can contact me direct and I will walk you through it.You need to make sure the app on your phone is up to date. Best way to do this is to delete the app and reinstall it. Dan 941-896-7903

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This is a message I got from a good privateer who bought one for that bike, this is what he sent me. Let me know if you have any questions I can try to help you.
Reply to Did anyone do the CR22 VIP at A1?? 1/8/2018 7:27 PM

Hey guys, I have some insight on the CR22 VIP program. Overall I think all 10 people had a great time. Chad had a lot going on just to be able to line up and race, but he was able to still spend some time with everyone. All 10 people were very respectful

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Reply to Motocross Fantasy Friends division $$$ 5/16/2017 9:36 PM

It can be fixed. If you want to play just email me and we will get it sorted out.

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All industry people pockets to shallow and ego to big? Pretty bold statement don't you think?. We have top riders, mechanics, team managers and many others that's are deeply invested to the sport playing. They play for fun not for the money. I'm not ... more »

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I changed the deadline to tomorrow. Yes NFL Playoffs, league safe holds the money until that "season" is complete. So once the NFL Playoffs are over the money will be released. This is so after the last SX in may there is no hold on the money.

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The 2 bikes are different and have different parts, both were Chad bikes built by chads team. I believe the bike on eBay has less parts than the other bike posted. The eBay bike has stock peg mounts and raptor pegs. Doesn't have all the carbon, and has ... more »

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The top list is if Martin takes #6 and Anderson passes on #13 (He was offered 13 last year and passed) The Bottom List is if Martin takes #14 and Anderson Passes on #13 Davi Millsaps and Michael Byrne will get to keep #18 and #26 because they were hurt. ... more »

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This is a real bummer to take a race away this late in the season when alot of us are trying to make up points.

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I can sign in but not pick a team

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FC Honda is my guess.

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Not me, I had him last week so your safe haha. My Team is 450 1 7 83 Red 6 87 Red 8 250 23 Red 5 45 Red 8 232 Red 2 617 Red 7

Reply to Anyone seen this stuff from Athena? 2/3/2012 8:08 AM

Wireless Hour Meters are pretty cool. And it's Resettable.

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I would not want to be racing the 450 class this year. Here is 25 guys that will be at A1. All of which will make a Main at some point during the season. Ryan Villopoto Ryan Dungey James Stewart Ivan Tedesco Justin Brayton Kyle Chisholm Kevin Windham ... more »

Reply to Mini O's live timing and discussion. 11/22/2011 3:29 PM

Supercross heats are only for gate pick. All the Mains will run tomorrow and that's all that will count for the overall in SX. Mx motos will start Thursday and like other national (Whitney) the heats will count as your first Moto.

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Nick died in his sleep Saturday night in his hotel room, The other mechanic in the room with him found him when he woke up to go to the airport. Cause of death is unsure at this point all we know is nick was feeling sick the few days leading up to the ... more »

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This is not true. AMA will not let you choose a 3 digit number anymore even if you win a title or finish top 10 in overall points. Dean Wilson wanted to be #108 after last year but they told him he had to pick a 2 digit #. 800,377 were already 3 digit ... more »

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Sure it's fine if everyone has to follow the same rules. I have nothing against CP but he didn't earn the right to keep #377 by the rules. And Eli earned #13 not 17.

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RV was 207,51,2,1