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I'm sure this was posted here eons ago but this short vid had me cracking up. Back before RV was sick of the grind and AC was just a dorky little kid.....hope he takes the top step this weekend.

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Sunny and 72 degrees where you are suck

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In fairness to KW, he did have to race against arguably the two best ever. Imagine how many titles KW would have if not for those two....

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"mixing it up with the top 4 regularly"? I like Chad as well but puff puff pass........

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Ferrandi's in 250's and Seely in the 450's. Not a Honda guy but I've always pulled for Cole, such a smooth, effortless style....

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Enduro 29 carbon.....never thought I'd be a 29er convert but will never go back

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^ ^ ^ this guy gets it.....

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Whoa bro....I'm as liberal as they come and I love to ogle the Monster girls. Enjoying beautiful women is not a liberal vs conservative deal

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Me too BRO, just to the left....I swear the GOAT was running back to his bike before it hit the downside of the jump. Amazing race, Ricky and Bubbs were on another planet that day (well, pretty much every day back then)

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If that's how you're snuffed out, what a way to go.....

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Let's face it, buying a bike, for a non-pro, is an emotional purchase. I suspect most of us have an attachment to a particular brand that started from childhood. A Yamaha may win a magazine shootout but I'd never lay down my own cash on one........your ... more »

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^ funny, I think the same way about Yamaha

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Canadian flag or no, that is a badazz pic....

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Modern day Super Dave

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I bought two tix 2nd row club level for $75 ea Glendale (with the usual + $40 in bend over fees)

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I say he takes a moto win this weekend and Vital blows up....

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Always been a huge Cole fan, bummed on his mechanicals. Wonder what kind of damage Cole would do with a year at the Baker Factory? (I know, I know, unicorn dreams and not part of this discussion) Zach-O reminds me a bit of Magoo, WFO and only thinking ... more »

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Besides the obvious scheduling issues, I think the bigger issue is their egos. None of these guys would likely want to participate unless they knew they could win, even an exhibition race. I like the idea but it will never happen sadly

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Awesome news.....this just moved me from the "probably not going this year" to "must go"